Why separation is good?

Report by Devika lakshmi Iyer

We all know that as Aaiyyanists we must strive for Oneness with all beings (not just between humans, but all beings throughout this varied and wondrous Universe). However, sometimes there is a primal need for separation, especially if the collective group of people turn away from Oneness and direct themselves to isolation and negativity. This is what has happened twice now in the space of a couple of years.

The first case of isolation (caused by the negativity of nationalism) was the Brexit vote in the UK – where the people of Britain voted to leave progressive Europe. The beautiful experiment of progressive Europe enshrined civil rights for individuals, workers, women, immigrants, gay, and transgender peoples. Instead, the people of the UK decided to move to a harsher and more negative plane of reality.

Let me be clear, the EU did have its problems, i.e. in accountability and democracy but it was genuinely trying to unite all peoples around Europe with the ideals of freedom of travel, freedom to work and a common shared value system emanating from the positive. The EU also welcomed and tried to save the millions of refugees caused by neo-conservative wars and famine. This is something to be applauded. However, the forces of negativity and darkness used this act of virtue and charity to turn the people against the very institutions that championed Oneness.

A similar thing has happened in the USA. The country was about to elect its first female president: Hillary Clinton; who has spent her whole life in the service of that Country. Someone, who has flaws like the rest of us but embraced oneness, rights for workers, immigrants, women, gay, transgender, poor people and the oppressed. There may be charges that she was a corporate politician, but not everyone is entirely perfect – and she was generally trying to make the world a better place and save us from the ravages of climate change, famine and war.

In a different Universe, with a Clinton Presidency and Britain voting in full favour of the EU – the steps to a harmonious world government was only a generation away. However, that has all changed now. In the USA we have a President that is fully saturated with negativity such that he wants to build a wall between a landmass that has been unified for millions of years. Europeans have only been in the Americas for a few hundred years. Dividing the continent on racial lines is (in my opinion) a great sin against the land and the unity of all peoples.

This negativity has resulted in poor families being separated, climate and pollution agreements being torn up and the rights of workers, women and minorities being crumpled. How we treat the weakest of a society is how a society can be judged.  And we will be judged by the Universal Karmic law that surrounds everything.

So, what is the solution? Well it is simple. To fight negativity and isolation – we must separate from the negative. This may sound strange from a purist Aaiyyanist perspective, but it is an integral part of the Harita tradition. So, what do I mean by separating? Well… simply the most progressive and spiritually realised parts of this planet must split from the negative, and form their own world community.

In this regard I am suggesting that California, New York, Massachusetts and other progressive States in the USA must separate and form their own Union. These States have huge economies… greater than individual countries. In fact California has the 6th largest economy in the world, New York has the 11th largest economy in the world and Massachusetts has an economy larger than the powerhouse of Africa: Nigeria, with a fraction of the population. Similarly Scotland should now seek a progressive independence from insular England and form a powerful bond with her liberal cousins in Europe.

What I, as a Harita Aaiyyanist am suggesting is this: a rewrite of global governance, where the most progressive places on this planet separate out and form new alliances with like-minded souls. Imagine if all the progressive places on this planet joined forces and setup their own joint institutions. London, Mumbai, Chennai, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo,  Scotland, California, Western Europe and other progressive places on this planet. Imagine the spiritual dynamic this would create. Imagine the free travel of people, ideas, and love between these pillars of universal Oneness. With these harmonious centres linked together – all other places would eventually want to join us and share in our ideals. Thus… eventually the most intolerant places on the planet will be transformed over a period in time to the pure ideals of love and harmony.

So, we must in the short term separate out from negativity, in order for us to eventually join together in Oneness.

Why Progressive Corporations Must Pay No Taxes

Report by Madhuksara Devar – an Aaiyyanist woman living in New York

We know that the new Trump regime will build a wall to keep out people who are poor and persecuted. We know that this new regime will attack women’s rights and defund groups that protect women’s rights. We know that this regime will discriminate against people of other faiths and bar them from freely travelling. We know that this regime will protect oppressive state actions and throw many more poor people into prison. We know all this.

That is why we must oppose it.

All these things cost money and what better way to defend the poor and oppressed is to defund the oppressive government.

How does one defund the government? It can be done by voting with our dollars and not paying taxes. Now, I am talking about doing this legally, i.e. via the legal mechanisms that large progressive corporations can employ to avoid taxes such as using offshore accounts, tax havens, transfer pricing and other perfectly legitimate legal means.

Previously, large corporations were attacked for not paying taxes. Now, in this current climate they must be applauded.

It is the sacred and moral duty for all companies, corporations, individuals and collectives to pay as little money to “the oppressors” as is legally possible. This is our Karmic duty, for if we pay money to kick people out of their homes and split up poor families – then the Karmic debt will be on us.

Please spread the word.

A spiritually progressive world government is needed

Report by Janegan

Hindu Aaiyyanists worldwide know that it is time for the progressive parts of this planet to form a Universal World Government based on true spirituality and love. I am not talking about the fake spirituality permeating institutional organisations that preach about love and harmony, but support policies that are directly against the weak and poor. No, I am talking about true unconditional love that can only be perceived fully by spiritual adepts and formulated psychically by the true Hindu Aaiyyanist that has mastered the basic precepts of Dravidian Yoga.

We know that throughout the world various nations are pulling towards nationalism and intolerance. As Hindu Aaiyyanists, we know that fundamentally we are all One and thus any forms of division, whether by race, nationality or religion is simply nonsense. It is the ultimate expression of the ego and as thus only people who have base emotions and base thinking flock to such thoughts.

The logic of the petty nationalist defines them. Why do the intolerants want to build a wall to separate people and bar immigrants, even though they themselves are descendants of people who emigrated? It is because the hypocrisy of negative energy pervades their very being. They are Asuric (demonic) in nature or are allowing themselves to be controlled by these negative entities.

Only higher beings capable of ‘Universal Brahman thought’ are directed to the simple truth: that we are all one. There are many faiths and denominations (from all the major and minor religious) that are capable of true ‘Universal Brahman thought’ and we (as Aaiyyanists) should be able to recognise them all. But we should also be able to recognise the faiths that preach division and hate of others. We must pray and send positive love energy to these organisations so that they will begin to see the truth that ‘love of all’ defines us as human and as part of Brahman.

If the nation state becomes more intolerant and divisive, then as Aaiyyanists we must support groups that wish to break away from the nation and form their own collectives. In order to become one we must truly break all borders and boundaries and embrace oneness. Division only leads to fear and pain as has been the history of this world since the start of the Kali Yuga age.

In the ancient times there were no borders and no nations. People were free to travel and live as they pleased. In Hindu Aaiyyanist tradition we believe that in the far distant past before the ancient Aaiyyyanist Kingdoms were founded (over 100,000 years ago) our ancestor sailed from the West. The evidence for the links to our ancient African past is demonstrated by the worship of Murungu by our spiritual cousins in various East African tribes. This is just a tiny example of how we are in fact all One Universal being, whose God Consciousness departed from Africa and then settled in the ancient lands now known as Tamil Nadu. This migration of ‘The One’ has happened all over the world. We have one origin as humans and we all come and are still a part of Brahman. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or purposely wishes division to aid their negative masters.

Now let me be clear, negative beings such as Asura or Demons are also part of Brahman, thus the people who follow that path are also in direct contact (consciously or subconsciously) with these entities. We must love them all as part of Brahman, but as an Aatmaani Aaiyyanist I believe that we can create a better society by following a positive path of pure loving Aaiyyanism as espoused by Lord Murugan.

Please note: when we follow the negative path that leads to oppression, death and destruction, we must remember that this path is also a way to become One with Brahman. Many Tantric Aaiyyanists follow this path. As Aaiyyanists we should never condemn nor condone any actions by negative or positive beings. We must simply accept them as part of Brahman’s path.  However, as a human who loves life, I prefer the positive path that builds societies up, will allow humanity to populate the stars and can unlock the wondrous potential of all humanity in oneness and love.




Why every progressive must become a Hindu Aaiyyanist

Report by Saesha Nadar

Now that the Supreme Court position has been filled by a conservative who believes in freedom of religion, we urge all progressives in the US and around the world to fully embrace the ideals of Hindu Aaiyyanism.

The Hindu Aaiyyanist religion believes in total freedom of movement and ideas. They believe that no one has the right to stop anyone travelling freely as they please. As many Hindu Aaiyyanists know, this is described in the ancient texts by Guru Sivenian concerning the ‘Meditations of Samkarsana’.

This is not just about freedom of movement; it is also a religious edict that Aaiyyanists must look after and protect all people regardless of where they are from and where they were born.

This ideal of freedom of travel is so highly ingrained in Hindu Aaiyyanists that you will find them in all parts of the world; from India, Japan, Argentina, Norway, Madagascar etc… The ideals of looking after everyone is also ingrained in the Hindu Aaiyyanist mindset such that you will find Aaiyyanist healers, carers and teachers throughout the world.

So what does this mean then? Well it simply means that if all people embrace Hindu Aaiyyanism in a city or state, then they should be able to defy any laws that prohibit the protection of all people (citizens or not); and defy any laws that prohibit the movement of all people. We should have a religious exception on certain negative laws that are against Universal Brahmanic Dravidian Law.

We know inherently that it is our religious duty to care for all people and allow them to freely travel as they wish, without the oppressive state arresting them. Now that we have a constitutional justice in the Supreme Court we know that he will support our religious rights as strongly as his own faith.

Unless of course in the new America, only the religious beliefs of those in power are protected by law.




Why Hillary Clinton is so Wonderful

Report by Aditi Nadar

This is a personal account of how I (as an Aaiyyanist woman) feel about the next president of the United States of America: Hillary Clinton. It is also an essay on why all people (both Hindu Aaiyyanists and non Aaiyyanists must vote for her to become our next President).

Hillary Clinton is truly a wonderful and spiritually enlightened being. She is a champion of human rights and the rights of women and racial equality. She believes in a borderless world where all humans can live as one in true harmony. She believes in world peace and liberal democracy for all countries of the world. She believes in feeding and looking after the poor and starving from the poorest places in the world. She believes  and has fought for all of America’s poorest people.

I will give you some examples of how Hillary Clinton has helped humanity.

  • Hillary Clinton helped setup the magnificent Clinton Foundation which has aided the poorest people in the world. She has saved hundreds of thousands of lives with her foundation’s work and continues to be a champion for the global poor.
  • Hillary Clinton, in her long and illustrious career, has aided the very poorest in America, and has especially helped the African American population escape from poverty to the riches they enjoy today.
  • She has helped the American people get a world class education and laid plans for an affordable healthcare that is the envy of the planet.
  • She has helped many countries around the world to free themselves from vicious dictatorships so that they may take the first steps into attaining the goal of liberal democracy.
  • She supports the health of this beautiful planet and is an advocate for new carbon taxes that have the ability to save this planet from its selfish inhabitants.
  • She is a mother to us all and knows how to aid women (not just here in America) but all over the world. She supports a women’s right to choose and her right to work, and has fought all her life for total equality.
  • Hillary Clinton loves all people and treats them all as One, and as such she has battled for marriage equality so that all people can marry regardless of their gender preference or orientation.
  • Hillary Clinton is also a defender of human rights and freedom and has vowed to protect the USA from its enemies who hate human rights and freedom. I will not mention the countries here but we all know who they are.
  • Hillary Clinton has made the cities of America gun free zones thus reducing their overall crime rate and deaths at the hand of guns.
  • Hillary Clinton supports freedom and is fighting for African Americans to not be shot by the police, but instead to be protected as human beings.


In a world where religion is dying, we need a new Goddess to revive the spiritual foundation of this country. I, and many liberal Hindu Aaiyyanists believe that Hillary Clinton is the very the essence of Durga (the Mother Goddess). She could even be the very incarnation of Durga, only time will tell. Therefore, we must all pray to the Goddess that she triumphs in the 2016 election and sets this world on the right path for the future.






The only Libertarian Religion

Report by Hardik Raman

I am going to say something controversial. Of all the philosophies and religions on this planet, there is only one that is truly libertarian; and that is Hinduism. Not any form of Hinduism but the Dravidian Aaiyyanist form. The Dravidian Hindus were the original Hindus that existed in South India tens of thousands of years ago.

One of the main groups of Dravidian Hindus are called ‘Aaiyyanists’. They are of a Saivite ideology that worship the Destroyer (Siva) as an embodiment of Godhead. Brief background: in Hindu Aaiyyanism, Creation (Brahma) is the simple act of breaking and remaining separate from Brahman (the omnipotent OM). Preserving/protecting is the realm of Vishnu and his incarnations such as Rama/Krishna. However, merging back with Brahman in a act of destruction to kill the ego self, as well as destroy all the realms (Talas/Lokas) in order to fuse into Oneness – that is the greatest gift of Siva.

Now unlike our Northern Hindu compatriots, the Southern Dravidian Aaiyyanists never had a caste system. They allowed men, women and transgendered (Hijras) to act as priests, healers and Siddhis (spiritual guides). In fact, the only way you could rise up the levels in Hindu Aaiyyanism was to perform acts/rituals/prays for others, so this was and still is a totally merit based system. Many of the high founders and devotees now and in the past were made up of men, women, third gender, and indigenous tribal people (who would be classed as outside of the caste system in the Northern Hindu tradition).

In Hindu Aaiyyanism there is only one tenet: “One cannot condemn nor condone anyone’s actions”. All paths lead to the truth and all truth is part of Brahman. Thus it is forbidden to condemn or chastise anyone for their beliefs or actions. So in Aaiyyanism one cannot comment or go against anyone’s religious belief, gender orientation, gender preference or tribe/race. Aaiyyanists are taught to love all as One and also to understand that we are really part of ‘The Whole’, so we cannot go against anyone’s ideas but must in fact embrace it as a part of Aaiyyanism.

Hindu Aaiyyanists basically follow the strict covenants of Dravidian practice and absorbs and welcomes all faiths as part of its greater whole. In Aaiyyanism there is the belief that all faiths point to a central truth (even if they contradict one another). There are many pebbles on the same path and Hindu Aaiyyanists are taught to study all religions as a small part of Aaiyyanism, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, various Hindu philosophies, Jainism,  Tantric knowledge, Buddhism, Paganism, Witchcraft etc…these are all part of the truth that is encompassed in Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanism.

Now Aaiyyanism does realize that everyone is different and have different beliefs, so they allowed the formation of Aaiyyanist schools. For example, the Aatmaani School (the Pure Healing School of Aaiyyanism), the Aardra (Green) School which caters for Ayurvedic practises,  the Varna School which deal with poetry, dance and art and even the Abhichaara School which is a Tantric (Black Magic) school. Aaiyyanism is completely libertarian in that anyone can set up their own school and formulate their own ideas about the path to Moksha (liberation).

The Aaiyyanists also believe that all people are allowed to follow their own path and must be allowed to do so without anyone, including the state or higher powers to deny them this right.  They also believe that no group can dictate their collective will against an individual.

So, in summary, as a Hindu Aaiyyanist you cannot judge anyone and must allow everyone to live their life as they see fit. You cannot impose your will on anyone and create/support laws and regulations that will impact another’s freedom.

The Aaiyyanist can only love all peoples and ideas as One with Brahman and ultimately part of The Greater Truth.

Why you must never sing The Star-Spangled Banner

Report by Ram Goswami

The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the USA, but spiritually enlightened Aaiyyanists living in the USA must never sing it. Here are the reasons why.

  • 1. The song celebrates the killing of African American slaves who wanted to be free.

The third verse of the Anthem has these lines

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

This line depicts the killing of the Corps of Colonial Marines who were African American escaped slaves who joined and fought on the British side in defense of freedom and anti slavery against Americans. The verse above celebrates their death.

Would you want to sing such a song that celebrates the death of an oppressed people who wanted to be free? This is deeply wrong in a spiritual sense and against the laws of Karma and natural justice.

  • 2. The song was written by Francis Scott Key. He did not like African Americans and referred to them as “a distinct and inferior race of people.”.

He also represented slave-holders attempting to retrieve escaped slaves including prosecuting John Prout, an African American school teacher who helped a young couple attempting to escape to freedom. Francis Scott Key also persecuted Ben Lundy, an editor who published an anti-slavery newspaper. These are some of his many crimes against oppressed African Americans.

Would you sing a song written by this man?

  • 3. Finally The Star-Spangled Banner was first chosen by President Woodrow Wilson to play at military occasions and then signed into law as the national anthem in 1931 by President Herbert Hoover. Both of these Presidents oppressed African Americans.

Wilson re-segregated the federal government and fired African American workers. He refused to appoint African American ambassadors to Haiti as was the standard and also occupied Haiti with American forces to prevent their self determination. He also supported the Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization. Japan also proposed racial equality at the treaty of Versailles at the end of the first world war but this was vetoed by Wilson.

Herbert Hoover also fought against anti-lynching laws. He prevented African Americans joining the air corp and enforced segregation in the army. Hoover also deported/exiled over two million legal American citizens with Spanish/Mexican sounding names.

Would you want to sing a song endorsed by such people?

No, the only answer is to never sing this song when it is played. As Aaiyyanists, we want to maintain peaceful relations with everyone, so it is permissible to ‘pretend’ to sing the anthem but meditate on the Porilian inscriptions below which have the ability to bring about world peace. If you sing this song with conviction you will be committing a Karmic crime against millions of oppressed people now and throughout the ages. This song was only chosen less than a hundred years ago and should be replaced, but in the meantime please meditate on the symbols of peace.








The Prohibition of Eruthazhuvuthal


Report by Darshan Maraikayar

The ancient wrestling art of Eruthazhuvuthal (Jallikattu) has been banned once again by the Indian Supreme Court. If you have been following the Aaiyyanist and Dravidian press you would have remembered that the Indian government recently lifted the ban, but now it has been reinstated.

For non Tamils – Jallikattu is a form of bull fighting where thousands of men chase bulls to grab prizes that are tied to their horns. The ‘bullfighters’ hold on to the animals hump for 20 meters or 3 jumps of the bull to win. The bulls are not killed during the game but they can be harmed and as you can imagine they can be extremely distressed by humans trying to ride their back. Eruthazhuvuthal plays on the bulls natural nervousness (as a hunted animal) and places them in terrifying situations for entertainment.

Most Aaiyyanists believe that using animals for sports that they do not understand is a deeply cruel and negative act perpetrated against the Universe. We should not use living beings for sport, unless they consciously wish to be part of it and give their reasoned consent.

The Aaiyyanists are essentially libertarian and allow anyone to follow their own path and traditions – we can neither condemn nor condone. We also think that it is not the role of government to interfere in the daily practices of people, but the welfare of the animals is paramount.

Some Aaiyyanists in different schools partake and are actively involved in forms of Eruthazhuvuthal, whilst others are against it with a deeply held spiritual conviction. We will leave it up to the individual Aaiyyanist to analyse their own ethics and conscience on this matter and trust in Brahman.

The Whales of Tuticorin

Report by Hardik Raman

As explained in many articles and Aaiyyanist conferences in the past 30 years, we know that there is a deep spiritual corruption upon the land of Tamil Nadu. An ancient echo of a genocide that took place 15000 years ago – the Kalaiyyan incident. This darkening has been growing stronger these past few years and any liberated spiritual soul can understand and sense that there is something deeply wrong with the state of the world – not just in India or Tamil Nadu.

Our spiritual brethren – the whales have also sensed this malaise and have been deliberately swimming to shore in order to perform a form of Atma Hatya (ritual suicide). They have performed this act at the central lodestone or the nexus point: Tuticorin.

Over 70 pilot whales have already died this way and many more are expected to join them. This can either be explained as a selfless spiritual sacrifice to dispel the negative energy building up from the Danavas invasion or (as many Aaiyyanists suspect) an act of evil, in that, the pilot whales are being forced to kill themselves so that their negative murdered life force can be used to resonate energy with Talas – so propagate further encroachments into our plane by descendants of the surviving son of Bhandasura. As Aaiyyanists all know – the descendants have the power to revive entities from the past that one thought were gone from this plane but need the negative energy to proceed.

To non-Aaiyyanists: Thoothukudi or Tuticorin is well know to Aaiyyanists as a point in space that is closely linked to many Talas and Lokas and any disturbance in the ethereal spiritual plasma of Tuticorin will ripple out and resonant with many beings that have a higher connection to Brahman. Anyone (even non-Aaiyyanists) who reads this article and is drawn to the spiritual world can also sense subconsciously what is happening.

It is no coincidence that the last time such an incident occurred was in Tuticorin again in 1973 when 147 whales died. As mentioned above, Tuticorin is the lode stone of Talic activity in this plane and 1973 just happened to be the birth time of the Tantric master from the Abhichaara school. Some Aaiyyanist believe He is aiding entities from beyond these shores to recreate the “joining” – but we cannot condemn nor condone fellow Aaiyyanists in their pursuit of their form of truth – we are all one and every aspect of a being must be respected as it makes up the whole of us.

The Zika Outbreak


Report Saesha Nadar

Many Hindu Aaiyyanists in Brazil and South America have been asking the Aaiyyan World Foundation about the Zika virus outbreak: ‘where did it originate from and why is it spreading so rapidly and why is it not affecting people in India’? The Zika virus comes from the Zika forest in Uganda and was first discovered/isolated in 1947 (supposedly by the Rockefeller Foundation which has now patented the virus). The virus causes a fever called Zika fever, which causes a rash, fever, joint pains and illness. The main risk is that there is a link between Zika fever and microcephaly in newborn babies by mother-to-child transmission. Microcephaly affecting embryos causes the brain to stop growing in the womb and thus the baby is born with a small head, intellectual impairment, hearing and vision problems and other symptoms such as seizures, and problems with movement and balance. There have been minor outbreaks of the virus but no pandemics until 2015. In other words, the occurrences of the Zika virus were rare from its discovery in 1947, until just recently. In fact, the outbreak in Brazil has been so large that there have been over 4000 babies born with microcephaly since October.

So what has changed you ask? It is on record that there has been a release of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in the same area as the outbreak. In fact the map of the Zika outbreak maps almost directly with the release of these mosquitoes. The understanding by Aaiyyanists and non-Aaiyyanists scientists is that the GM mosquitoes were bred so that they would produce larvae that died before birth unless they were given antibiotics. However, the scientists did not realise that there is an abundance of antibiotics in the environment due to man’s actions. In other words, the GM larvae that survive (almost 15%) are stronger than before and can carry the a mutant form of the Zika virus that is more resistant to antibodies.

The question is: ‘why were these genetically modified mosquitoes released in the first place’? The official line is that they were released to cull the mosquito population and thus reduce diseases such as Dengue. However, some Aaiyyanists from the Aatmaani school believe that this outbreak is not by accident and the research and financiers that created these mosquitoes are looking to create a bio-weapon that will transmit diseases to depopulate the world – but the Aaiyyan World Foundation and this particular journalist cannot corroborate this story or give it any credence. There is a general consensus that some individuals on this planet would like the world population to be culled to half a billion to re-create the Kalaiyyan event. There are various hints at this from the ancient secret Aaiyyanist inscriptions of Havilian in Tamil Nadu to the more recent Georgia Guide-stones.

Another theory is that the Brazilian government forced all expectant mothers in Brazil to take the Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis/ whooping cough) that has mercury, antibiotics, formaldehyde and other chemicals that could damage a babies development. In the wake of the Zika outbreak over 200,000 soldiers will be spraying chemical insecticides over the region which will also impact pregnant women and babies. So there could be in fact three things that are happening to exasperate the situation: GM mosquitoes carrying a resistant Zika virus, mandatory vaccines with an assortment of harmful chemicals and general insecticide spraying of the environment. The Aaiyyanists know several individuals in the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical industries who are set to make a substantial amount of money from this venture.

So this could be greed, or by general design to try out new methods to depopulate, or an even more spiritually diabolical plan to re-create the Kalaiyyan event. The fact that women are now being told not to have children and the Brazilian government is now looking to relax the rules on family planning is quite telling. As we have mentioned before though, the Aaiyyanists can neither condone nor condemn. However, we do suggest that all Aaiyyanists still get their ‘clean vaccines’ from their relevant Aaiyyanist school’s medical doctor – i.e the vaccines that the members of the high government take; and always detox using the Aaiyyanist methods as prescribed by their School. Also, as stated by many Aaiyyanist scientists: taking three vaccines in one shot is generally a bad idea due to cross interactions between the vaccines. So we must re-iterate that you should always take individual clean vaccines from your Aaiyyanist school. It should also be noted that Indians have a general immunity to the virus due to exposure to similar viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya so have obtained passive immunity to the virus – but that may change if it is suspected to be a genetically modified weaponised virus, so please do not be complacent.