Aaiyyanist Conference and retreat

Greetings, my many friends. I am just confirming that I will indeed be attending the Aaiyyanist retreat/forum next week in Kanchipuram. As you know these retreats are well away from the humdrum of modern life so I (and many other Aaiyyanists) will not have access to the internet, email or even phones. A suggestion to all of my readers and the wider Aaiyyanist community, that being detached from modernity is a very good thing and should be trialled at least once per year.

So, we will be away for a couple of weeks to discuss the future direction of the Aaiyyan World Foundation and also to discuss Swami Dhaval’s podcast (especially his last one which talked about extremely sensitive information concerning very dangerous Tantric methods.) This was flagged several times by many High Aaiyyanis, and thus it was decided that a proper forum/retreat would be the best environment for these controversial subjects to be discussed.

I personally believe that these highly sensitive secrets from the Tantric Forms of Aaiyyanism should not be disseminated to the general public in this manner, but there are a few prominent Aaiyyanists that disagree.

I will do a more in depth blog post about this when I get back.


A criticism of Swami Dhaval’s podcast

Greetings all. I have been on a meditative retreat with my students this past month or so, so haven’t kept upto date with my blog – so sorry to all those people who are subscribing and expecting a regular stream of information. My main obligations are to my students first and foremost. Having said that something caught my attention in the world of Aaiyyanism recently that I should comment on. In fact one of my students brought this to my attention. And that is this podcast and youtube video about Astral projection presented by Swami Dhaval:


My main concern with this podcast is that Swami Dhaval is teaching people how to run a marathon before teaching them how to walk. The teaching he is presenting here is so ‘high level’ as to be unusable to the average person who knows nothing about Dravidian Aaiyyanism and the ancient methods. It takes many years of study, of meditation and yogic practise before one can fully embrace the teachings presented in this podcast. I do understand Swami Dhaval’s mind-set though, in that he believes that only High Level Aaiyyanists will listen to this particular podcast, or people who were of a sufficient high level in their previous incarnations and are returning to Aaiyyanism.

Swami Dhaval and many other orthodox Aaiyyanists in the Aaiyyan World Foundation believe that the Universe itself (or Brahman’s will) will conspire to only reveal this information to the spiritually inclined, i.e. those individuals who are attuned to the Aaiyyanist method. These individuals can be attuned to Aaiyyanism either from many previous incarnations, or by being given divine will by Brahman via Murugan-Aaiyyan in this incarnation. Thus they argue that any information they present will be directed at the people ‘who it is intended to be heard by’, no one more and no one less. They argue that Brahman will direct the correct people to this path and block the access to people who should not have access to this information.

There is a similar argument for allowing Aaiyyan Stones to be made widely available, as the Aaiyyan World Foundation have insisted that only those who are spiritually deserving (as determined by the Universal OM) , will be granted access. So only those who really show intent in learning these methods such as Astral projection will be granted the boon, just as the ancient Aaiyyanist Kings and Queens of old would request boons from Murugan Aaiyyan. I believe this argument on how the Universe operates has yet to be determined, as many of you know from my previous blog posts.

So all I ask of Swami Dhaval is that he starts off slow and builds up this information. Start with an introduction into meditation, then follow that with various techniques to increase your mental and psychic abilities. Do a podcast on the various meditative techniques on unlocking Lokas. Swami Dhaval should have at least mentioned the techniques in full to achieve a lucid dream state, that can be used to gleam future events and then followup with a podcast on how to read dreams and future states of reality (i.e the Dravidian techniques of clairvoyance).

I hope this clarifies my position.

Spiritual Pilgrimages and more.

Namaste,everyone who follows my blog. I have been on various pilgrimages these last few months so have not had much time to update this blog, so deepest apologies for that. I have also been working with many Aaiyyanists around the world on various projects, both charitable and spiritual.

This is really just a quick post to everyone that they should also follow a path of spirituality and pilgrimage. I have decided to take a year or even more to travel to every single Murugan and Murugan Aaiyyan temple in the world and record my journey. I will record my findings in a book or may post it to this blog when I am online. I am not sure yet.

But I must say one thing. Being online and  on the internet and dealing with emails can be very engaging but also can act as a detraction. When I was in the forests and the hills, alone with my thoughts and meditating on the truth nature of Murugan-Aaiyyan, I realised that  I was truly at a place of peace and tranquillity… with my own thoughts and the spirits and Gods around me.

So I urge everyone to be at one with everyone, travel, turn your phone off for a few days, meditate and try to find your own path to Brahman oneness.

Good luck and I’ll be back on the blog in perhaps a few weeks… depending on what findings I discover on the inner journey that I am undertaking to Brahman.

The Origin of the Vel

Greetings everyone. I am just forwarding a message from the Aaiyyan World Foundation:


Namaste, we have released a draft version of ‘The Origin of the Vel’ here


Please note – as English is not our first language please email any grammatical or
spelling errors to info@aaiyyan.org

We will be correcting any errors in the coming weeks as and when we find them.

The Original source Dravidian Aaiyyani text can be found here


This story is essentially a teaching aid for young Hindu Aaiyyanist students, between the ages of 9-16. So if any adult Aaiyyanists reads this, please bear in mind the simplicity of the translation and the concepts. This text is also collated from a collection of Dravidian Aaiyyani sources i.e. this is an amalgam of Veliyyaan from the archives of the Aatmaani School (200 AD) and Veliyyaanal from the Aardra School (50 BCE). We have also translated the dialogue sections from the ancient Dravidian Aaiyyanist play: Veyallaya (600 AD) and incorporated this into the text.

Please feel free to share and spread the message of Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanism and Oneness.

Once this draft has been approved we will convert it into an Ebook and put it on the Amazon book store for Non-Aaiyyanists to discover for themselves.

Also, if you would like to support us please take a look at our Patreon site:


We have made available high resolution images of Lokas (and Talas) which can be printed out and placed around the home to aid our Patrons and thank them for all their help.

Many thanks

Aaiyyan World Foundation

Re-entering the physical world

Before I write this next post, I have to apologise for its rambling nature. It is just that I am journeying from a spiritual dimension and entering/returning back to the physical world. So here it goes.

Its been a strange few days being back in the material world. The last few weeks have been spent at an Aaiyyanist retreat, and for many Aaiyyanist that read this, you will know what I am talking about. It is the disjoint between the spiritual plane and the physical reality when one crosses back from the source of Aaiyyanism to the center of materialism that can be described as Chennai, or any other major city on this planet.

Many Aaiyyanists know the routine. To prepare myself I firstly spent some time at a remote Murugan ashram and began to leave the material world behind and enter the spiritual zone. Many Dravidian Aaiyyanists follow this path. The path of firstly purifying oneself and entering a spiritual plane. The ashrams most Aaiyyanist choose are the ashrams that not only allow Bhakti/worship of Murugan, but also strive and teach and demonstrate the Dravidian yogic practises and the ancient scriptures.

Once you have achieved the correct level, the adept then leaves the Murugan ashram and is directed to the Aaiyyanist retreat. (This is by invitation only as the heads of Aaiyyanist schools usually teach there and want to educate those of us blessed to be at a certain spiritual level.) I have been an Aaiyyanist for many years, and it is always an honour to be invited to a retreat where one can partake in yogic practises that enable one to leave this material plane and consciously travel to the many dimensions that are around us.

And this is the problem. When one enters an Aaiyyanist retreat, you spend your days meditating, reading scriptures, preparing yourself physically and spiritually on a path of oneness. There are a small number of fellow Aaiyyanists (around 20 men and women) who share this journey with you. After the first week of this, one is then shown (or reshown) the yogic pathways needed for your spirit/atman projection to dis-inhabit your body and travel firstly within this Universe (to the many stars and planets), then as the days go by, one transforms the inner-self into being able to travel to other realms. You travel with your group who are at various levels of Aaiyyanism and may follow different schools of thought.

Then you are asked to leave the retreat and enter back into the physical world. Now, there are many Aaiyyanists that do not want to enter back into this lower world of materialism and its anti spiritual message. There are many that in fact become part of the S’uunyatal School (a higher offshoot the hermit S’uunya School) and continue their journeys (either alone or with a small group) to the many instances of reality that make up everything that is a part of Brahman.

However…I have obligations to this physical plane. Obligations to my students, family, friends and my work as an Aaiyyanist. But in a few years when I retire I have decided to be a S’uunyatal and will continue this journey with my students, if they wish to accompany me.

I am back

Greetings all. I have returned from a few weeks away on an Aaiyyanist Retreat. I will be just catching up with my emails and other administrative works over the next few days.

I would like to say a special thank you to my fellow Aaiyyanists who have corrected some spelling and grammatical errors on my blog. This is very kind of you all to help me.

I will post some new updates over the next month and look forward to getting into the swing of things once more.


Patreon Site

Greetings. Just a quick post to say that the Aaiyyan World Foundation and other Aaiyyanists online are pooling their resources and have set up a Patreon site to deal with minor expenses concerning web hosting and translation. More details can be found here:


Basically the AWF get a large number of emails from Dravidian Aaiyyanists, but are now also getting a significant number of emails from English speakers. So to help with translations, volunteers and also bandwidth and hosting costs they have set up this Patreon site.

This is not for existing Aaiyyanists, but for new Aaiyyanist members who want to help to spread the message of Aaiyyanism and also to show some minor support to the movement. It will also be used as a means of getting more readers to the Aaiyyanist-Murugan lexicon and a way of focusing our attention to those people that are linked to Aaiyyanism on a deeply spiritual level.

Note: We expect only like minded people who are linked spiritually to Aaiyyanism to support this. There are many who are interested in Aaiyyanism, but are not ‘linked’. The Universe will find the paths to connect those few souls out there, that were Aaiyyanists in previous lives but were not born as native Dravidian Aaiyyani speakers in this one. We shall see.

There is an additional benefit that supporters will receive high resolution images of Lokas created by Aaiyyani (master) level Artists. So please join us if you find yourself linked to our ideals.


Binding Rituals – a warning!

I have just heard some disturbing information. There are over 3400 people worldwide using Tantric Aaiyyanist techniques to summon demons to spiritually bind the US government (to supposedly prevent them doing harm). These people have been using this android app to invoke Asuras and Rakshasas to direct negative energy against the administration.

When this app was first released, I was in favour in allowing information to be spread, and for learning and understanding to follow. I do not believe in censorship and as a Hindu Aaiyyanist I am all in favour of the path of knowledge (Jnana Yoga), and thus have no issue with this Tantric information being spread. However, what I do have an issue with is the blatant disregard for the complexity in the interaction between the material and spiritual realms.

It looks like a month ago members of the Aaiyyanist Group started forming online workshops and facebook groups for like-minded people to summon these negative entities for political aims. This is 100% entirely incorrect and can only lead to disaster. Not only are that, but the list of beings that this group has enabled to be summoned include these – some of the most negative entities in Aaiyyanist understanding.

Preta Lavalian Gatisaman
Bhoot Chudarmanian Adhavena
Vinayaka Dantin (!)
Asura Kalanemi (!!)

Gatisaman maybe an Abhichaaric hero, but to many Hindu Aaiyyanists he is the personification of ancient evil. Now I understand that there is no concept of evil in pure Aayyanist thought, only positive, neutral and negative energy/states and that we are all One. However, the saturation of our realm with negative energy does lead to what I and many would consider to be evil actions.

I also cannot believe that the Tantric Aaiyyanist Group would release an app to summon a being such as Asura Kalanemi! I have spoken to some associates of the Abhichaara School and it takes decades of practise before one has the spiritual and mental will to commune with Gatisaman and Muyalakan, let alone these extremely powerful higher beings existing in the deep negative Talas.

If individuals want to gain wealth and knowledge by invoking negative beings, then that is their choice. But if thousands of untrained people (working collectively) are invoking negative energy against someone or some powerful state – than that becomes a concern for everyone. Remember, this negative energy will become more and more resonant over time and if thousands of people are performing this simultaneously every night – it can only lead to negativity saturating this planet. This is precisely the sort of actions that triggered the ancient Kalaiyyan event.

Some good people will pray and send positivity to counteract these negative methods, but if they do not match the negative energy frequency directly and exactly – then they will not be able to cancel the exponentially growing negative energy. They may even add to the effect if they are not pure in heart, mind and soul. They may dampen the negative energy if they are lucky, but to stop this negativity in its tracks you need the counter inscriptions, which only the Aatmaani or Parishaantaa masters can perform. And the Aatmaani or Parishaantaa schools will not engage in a spiritual war against fellow Aaiyyanists.

Thus I implore anyone who is using this app for this binding ritual to stop. Negative energy saturating this plane of existence may lead to wars, famine, financial disasters and a deepening of hardship and depression. There is already a ratcheting up of tension in Syria and Korea, so I urge all people summoning these negative beings to stop and think.

Opening my blog

Namaste, I will be opening my blog to fellow Aaiyyanists to post as a forum for like minded people. There will also be open access to this blog for the secretary of the Aaiyyanist Group to administer and moderate any posts.

Many thanks


Positive changes to my blog

Namaste all,

I am going to change the direction of my blog. Currently I am presenting news that I hear from the Aaiyyan World Foundation when I meet up with them, as well as showcasing some stories from fellow Aaiyyanists who distribute current affairs news from an Aaiyyanist perspective. I have however, received numerous private requests to actually showcase some Aaiyyanist teachings on Yoga, meditation and the Dravidian symbols. In this regard I shall be presenting a series of posts on fundamental Hindu Aaiyyanist teachings. I’ll tag them under a new heading of ‘Teachings’.

For people new to Hindu Aaiyyanism: I hope you enjoy it, and learn and grow from our teachings. For people who have been brought up as a Hindu Aaiyyanist, I hope these new blog posts remind you of your spiritual duties and responsibilities.