Binding Rituals – a warning!

I have just heard some disturbing information. There are over 3400 people worldwide using Tantric Aaiyyanist techniques to summon demons to spiritually bind the US government (to supposedly prevent them doing harm). These people have been using this android app to invoke Asuras and Rakshasas to direct negative energy against the administration.

When this app was first released, I was in favour in allowing information to be spread, and for learning and understanding to follow. I do not believe in censorship and as a Hindu Aaiyyanist I am all in favour of the path of knowledge (Jnana Yoga), and thus have no issue with this Tantric information being spread. However, what I do have an issue with is the blatant disregard for the complexity in the interaction between the material and spiritual realms.

It looks like a month ago members of the Aaiyyanist Group started forming online workshops and facebook groups for like-minded people to summon these negative entities for political aims. This is 100% entirely incorrect and can only lead to disaster. Not only are that, but the list of beings that this group has enabled to be summoned include these – some of the most negative entities in Aaiyyanist understanding.

Preta Lavalian Gatisaman
Bhoot Chudarmanian Adhavena
Vinayaka Dantin (!)
Asura Kalanemi (!!)

Gatisaman maybe an Abhichaaric hero, but to many Hindu Aaiyyanists he is the personification of ancient evil. Now I understand that there is no concept of evil in pure Aayyanist thought, only positive, neutral and negative energy/states and that we are all One. However, the saturation of our realm with negative energy does lead to what I and many would consider to be evil actions.

I also cannot believe that the Tantric Aaiyyanist Group would release an app to summon a being such as Asura Kalanemi! I have spoken to some associates of the Abhichaara School and it takes decades of practise before one has the spiritual and mental will to commune with Gatisaman and Muyalakan, let alone these extremely powerful higher beings existing in the deep negative Talas.

If individuals want to gain wealth and knowledge by invoking negative beings, then that is their choice. But if thousands of untrained people (working collectively) are invoking negative energy against someone or some powerful state – than that becomes a concern for everyone. Remember, this negative energy will become more and more resonant over time and if thousands of people are performing this simultaneously every night – it can only lead to negativity saturating this planet. This is precisely the sort of actions that triggered the ancient Kalaiyyan event.

Some good people will pray and send positivity to counteract these negative methods, but if they do not match the negative energy frequency directly and exactly – then they will not be able to cancel the exponentially growing negative energy. They may even add to the effect if they are not pure in heart, mind and soul. They may dampen the negative energy if they are lucky, but to stop this negativity in its tracks you need the counter inscriptions, which only the Aatmaani or Parishaantaa masters can perform. And the Aatmaani or Parishaantaa schools will not engage in a spiritual war against fellow Aaiyyanists.

Thus I implore anyone who is using this app for this binding ritual to stop. Negative energy saturating this plane of existence may lead to wars, famine, financial disasters and a deepening of hardship and depression. There is already a ratcheting up of tension in Syria and Korea, so I urge all people summoning these negative beings to stop and think.


Opening my blog

Namaste, I will be opening my blog to fellow Aaiyyanists to post as a forum for like minded people. There will also be open access to this blog for the secretary of the Aaiyyanist Group to administer and moderate any posts.

Many thanks


Positive changes to my blog

Namaste all,

I am going to change the direction of my blog. Currently I am presenting news that I hear from the Aaiyyan World Foundation when I meet up with them, as well as showcasing some stories from fellow Aaiyyanists who distribute current affairs news from an Aaiyyanist perspective. I have however, received numerous private requests to actually showcase some Aaiyyanist teachings on Yoga, meditation and the Dravidian symbols. In this regard I shall be presenting a series of posts on fundamental Hindu Aaiyyanist teachings. I’ll tag them under a new heading of ‘Teachings’.

For people new to Hindu Aaiyyanism: I hope you enjoy it, and learn and grow from our teachings. For people who have been brought up as a Hindu Aaiyyanist, I hope these new blog posts remind you of your spiritual duties and responsibilities.


Origin of the Vel

Namaste all,

I have heard some interesting news from the Aaiyyan World Foundation and other Aaiyyanist schools and groups around the world.

As many of you know, there are several texts that Aaiyyanist researchers have been working on this past decade to translate into English from the ancient language of Dravidian Aaiyyani (an offshoot from ancient Tamil). One of these has been ‘The Seed’, ‘The Twelve Rings of Aaiyyan’, ‘The Aaiyyan Assent to the Veil’, and many others. Unfortunately due to politics and sectarianism within the Aaiyyanist family, these books have been put on hold for the time being.

Basically it was deemed by other schools that the translations favoured  the Aatmaani schools over other ones. This has been the main issue I have had with the Aaiyyan World Foundation ever since it decided to open its doors to outsiders.

So, that is a shame, but there is some good news on the horizon. I have heard from close sources that the Aaiyyan World Foundation will reveal an English translation of ‘The Origin of the Vel’. Many Aaiyyanist children and parents will be pleased to know that this great story will be available soon to read in English.

I do not know any more details on when it will be released, or who the translators or researchers are, but I will let you know as soon as I have that information.



Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017. We know that this year will have both positive and negative aspects to it. Some Aaiyyanists have predicted there will be more negative than positive, but it is all of minor consequence in the universe’s age.

It has also been said that the incarnation of Murugan who is 6 years old now will begin to understand his mission on this planet and the many dimensions that surround us. I will keep you updated on this knowledge when I can learn more.

The Hindu Aaiyyanists are also  still on retreat and will return later this year. There have been many Aaiyyanists working for the Aaiyyan World Foundation and who have been answering the many thousands of emails and correspondence they receive per day. We are grateful for their contribution.

Also the Master Aaiyyanist artist Udaiyan will be making available some spiritually infused Dravidian Symbolic Paintings of the Aardra school later this year. When I have more information about this I will post it on my blog

So, we welcome in 2017 and all the mystery it will reveal to us.


Ancient Dravidian Aaiyyanist Knowledge

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

The Ancient Aaiyyanists Dravidian Hindus that occupied Southern India 10 to 15 thousand years ago are the true adherents of traditional Hindu thought and action. This ancient Dravidian Philosophy and Religion had (and has to this day) one simple truth:

‘One can never condemn nor condone any actions.’

What does this mean? Basically it means that as true humans one can never judge, condemn nor condone any actions from our fellow humans. We cannot chastise someone for things we disagree with or praise someone for things we agree with. Both are acts of the ego and as such are not pure Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanist thought.

Why do we have this philosophy you ask? The answer is simple. We, Humans, Gods, Asuras and other beings that exist in this Universe are all part of the Universal One: Brahman. We are all One and all actions that are created by us are all part of a greater truth. We cannot condemn the acts of another as it is part of Brahman’s will. Likewise we cannot praise the acts of someone as that will detract from other actions from other people.

We, as custodians of the Ancient Dravidian wisdom must simply observe and love all beings unconditionally as part of Brahman. There are many pebbles on the path but the path goes to the direction of Oneness with all.



Hindu Wisdom from the Ancient Dravidian Masters

Namaste all,

I was forwarded details from this free app from some fellow Aaiyyanists.

This is a very interesting app in that it has English translations of the famous Aaiyyanist/Dravidian Gurus and Masters – all in one app.

However, the app at the moment is  only displaying Aatmani School Quotes. I am looking forward to reading Harita and Parishaantaa  schools of thought.

There are a few sites in Tamil and Dravidian dialects that show Aaiyyanist quotes but this is the first time I have seen it rendered so well in English. There is also commentary on each of the quotes.

I will give a few examples of the quotes, if you would like to read more please download the app and help the developers out. It is free and has no adverts.


“Aaiyyanism, Dvaita, Visishtadvaita and  Advaita are one. How can you understand The Universe if you do not comprehend the sum of the whole. Without knowing ‘The Whole’ you can never truly become Whole” – Guru Asha Saptrishi (877 BC – 778 BC)

This stanza tells us that as Jnana Yoga Masters we must understand all of the schools of Hindu thought in order to understand our own liberational experience. If we cannot follow the basic concepts of reality, how can we transcend reality and become whole with Brahman.


“The truth does not come from dogma, religion or ritual. It begins from Atman.” – Guru Mena Sarasvata (1320 BC – 1231 BC)

This quote engages us in the never ending battle between organised religion and the freedom of the individual soul. This battle has been going on since the dawn of time and only the spiritually adept can master the truth of the soul against the external influences of the state.


“Meditation on Brahman is the most important thought you will create” – Guru Hotriya Upadhyaya (1435 BC – 1343 BC)

This is a quote from one of the most famous Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanist sages of the 14th century BC. The Guru stresses the importance of pure Yogic meditation on the Universal Creator Brahman and to understand the creative process of the mind is just as important as the creation of this Universe and the multitude of Universes around us.


“The Yogic knows that his mind must change, not the world. Once the Spirit has been freed, changing the world will be meaningless.” Guru Yogi Gauda (1266 BC – 1168 BC)

This stanza tells us that you need to change yourself before you can try to change the world – and if you did change yourself the outer physical state of the world would become irrelevant as you would have freed yourself from this material plane of existence.


“If you embrace love you will become love. If you embrace hate you will become hate. Pure Atmans (souls) both human and non-human are drawn to love. Impure spirits are drawn to hate.  If you revel in negativity so will negative things happen to you. If you wish to live in the glow of positive energy – you must love.” – Guru Bhimashankar Dattatriya (1543 BC – 1462 BC)

Guru Dattatriya teaches us to always love and never hate. Tantric Aaiyyanists embrace their dark-side in order to destroy the ego self in an absolute unification with Siva. Other schools of Aaiyyanists embrace love to become one with Brahman. The path you choose will determine your outcome – the Aaiyyanist cannot condone nor condemn other peoples choices, but we must understand that if we walk the path of darkness – so shall dark things happens to us.


“The purist Aatmaani Aaiyyanist has the inner power to develop themselves to the highest plane. To surpass all and enter into that Yogic state of pure consciousness and light. The Abhichaara-Tantric Aaiyyanists seek utter and absolute complete self-destruction a merging of the ego self with Siva. Whichever path you choose or has been chosen for you – accept it and strive for the absolute: Absolute pure consciousness and light or absolute destruction and the void.” – Guru Hotriya Upadhyaya (1435 BC – 1343 BC)

Whichever path you choose – the right hand path of Aaiyyanist Hinduism of the Left Hand Tantric Path – choose it totally and allow yourself to become what you seek. The Aaiyyanist cannot condemn nor condone any path or act that anyone engages in. It is not our place as Aaiyyanists – we can simply only love. If your soul connects with light or darkness that is yours and the Universes choice and we all need to respect that and allow you to find your own freedom. The freedom to be yourself.


“You cannot grow the tree by eating the seed. Everything important that you will achieve in this life takes will, patience and above all… time.” – Guru Jagadhguru Kanyakubja (1373 BC – 1288 BC)

Patience is one on the many virtues that a Hindu Aaiyyanist must possess. Everything you strive for will not be handed to you but must be fought for. Above all you need to be patience and allow the echoes of time to resonate around you before you will see the end goal in sight.




The Incarnation of Murugan

Namaste, I have heard from high level sources in the Aaiyyan World Foundation that the incarnation of Murugan was born in 2010, 10 days before the birth date of the ‘Unconquered Sun’ or Aaiyyanist Surya. We use the name Unconquered Sun as this is the name that the early Romans who interacted with Hindu Aaiyyanists first coined the term.

This is a follow-up post from my previous blog which has now discontinued and I had many private requests to clarify this – and so I have. The incarnation of Murugan walks amongst us.

Aaiyyan Stones – The Dangers

Namaste all,

After much reflection, I have had a change in heart about the Aaiyyan World Foundation making available Aaiyyan Stones to the wider general public. Previously Aaiyyan Stones were only allowed to be given to High Level Aaiyyanists and Gurus due to the power that the stones can generate and Aaiyyanists are beings on a spiritual quest and are somewhat enlightened compared to many people.

As my Aaiyyanist readership know, Aaiyyan Stones have the ability to open/bring closer positive Lokas to dispel negative Karma. The rituals to create the stones are usually enacted by very High Level Aaiyyanists and they infuse (inscribe) the Loka keys into the stone. So, passing the stones onto a lower level Aaiyyanist will give the same benefit as if the High Level Aaiyyanist Master was performing the ritual in their presence. There is no loss in resonant energy transfer when the stones are given to someone else, so a high level Master who is in tune with the positive Loka can give the stones to someone else and they will also then be in resonance with the positive Loka.

This was a good idea when the Aaiyyan World Foundation allowed the stones to be passed between High Level Aaiyyanists and Gurus and even some Swami Level Aaiyyanists could benefit from the stones. However, giving them to the the wider public is very dangerous. Some people who have very negative Karma due to bad actions in this life the their previous ones will now be able to get their hands on the stones and dispel that negativity and then begin to benefit both financially, materially and spiritually by doing no work. I fundamentally believe that this is wrong and urge the Aaiyyan World Foundation to reconsider.

Aaiyyan Stones should be available to spiritually enlightened beings. The Aaiyyan World Foundation argues that someone who is saturated with negative Karma will be unable to acquire the stones as the Universe itself will prevent that from happening (i.e. creating a psychological or physical block to prevent the user acquiring the stones). This has yet to be tested out. I would be very dismayed indeed if someone with a corrupt soul was able to gain financially, materially and spiritually by gaining access to Aaiyyan Stones without initially becoming a spiritual being.