I am a master level Aaiyyanist and used to work for the inner council of the Aaiyyan World Foundation. I am a historian who studies the ancient Dravidian texts, philosophies and magic from ancient times as chronicled in the Aaiyyanist and Sanskrit texts. I am also investigating how the modern world is being controlled and manipulated by the very same forces that destroyed the ancient Aaiyyanist kingdoms 15-10 thousand years ago.

This blog is my personal one and is not linked to the Aaiyyan World Foundation in any way.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Sir,
    I recently came across Aaiyyanisim. Infact I accidentally stumbled upon it through Google App store.
    For i felt drawn to it for unknown reasons.
    But I knew a strong super advanced civilization existed in South india much before recorded history and it’s so fascinating that they had science of Naadi Shashtra, vimaanshashtra and Aaiyyanisim etc and much more existing and practiced in common culture.

    My Question to you is, how can I learn this Science? Is there an email address where I can reach you?


    • Thank you David for your mail.

      Unfortunately I am unable to take any more students. I have a small set of around 20 that I teach personally on a one to one basis. If I take any more then I will not be able to fulfil my duties.

      Previously, I did make my email address public, but I got so many emails that I had to change it. You can contact me via my blog and I usually answer within a week depending on how busy I am.

      So, thank you again for your mail, and I hope you live and learn to the fullest.



  2. Hello Siven,

    I have seen and read your response to David. I too felt very strongly when I came across Aaiyyanism. I have seen that you are not taking in any more students, and I completely respect that. Do you know where I can obtain reading material and more information? I have already visited the AWF site, but there are no reading materials available. I simply seek to study. I do not know if I would be a good student, but I feel compelled to learn and I feel this will greatly improve my life and the way I view the lives of others around me.


  3. Helo, I also ‘stumble’ across aaiyyanism from App Store, got interested, I already sent email to AWF but they haven’t reply. Is there any other way I can learn more/become student?
    Thank you for your time


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