Aaiyyanist Conference and retreat

Greetings, my many friends. I am just confirming that I will indeed be attending the Aaiyyanist retreat/forum next week in Kanchipuram. As you know these retreats are well away from the humdrum of modern life so I (and many other Aaiyyanists) will not have access to the internet, email or even phones. A suggestion to all of my readers and the wider Aaiyyanist community, that being detached from modernity is a very good thing and should be trialled at least once per year.

So, we will be away for a couple of weeks to discuss the future direction of the Aaiyyan World Foundation and also to discuss Swami Dhaval’s podcast (especially his last one which talked about extremely sensitive information concerning very dangerous Tantric methods.) This was flagged several times by many High Aaiyyanis, and thus it was decided that a proper forum/retreat would be the best environment for these controversial subjects to be discussed.

I personally believe that these highly sensitive secrets from the Tantric Forms of Aaiyyanism should not be disseminated to the general public in this manner, but there are a few prominent Aaiyyanists that disagree.

I will do a more in depth blog post about this when I get back.


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