A criticism of Swami Dhaval’s podcast

Greetings all. I have been on a meditative retreat with my students this past month or so, so haven’t kept upto date with my blog – so sorry to all those people who are subscribing and expecting a regular stream of information. My main obligations are to my students first and foremost. Having said that something caught my attention in the world of Aaiyyanism recently that I should comment on. In fact one of my students brought this to my attention. And that is this podcast and youtube video about Astral projection presented by Swami Dhaval:


My main concern with this podcast is that Swami Dhaval is teaching people how to run a marathon before teaching them how to walk. The teaching he is presenting here is so ‘high level’ as to be unusable to the average person who knows nothing about Dravidian Aaiyyanism and the ancient methods. It takes many years of study, of meditation and yogic practise before one can fully embrace the teachings presented in this podcast. I do understand Swami Dhaval’s mind-set though, in that he believes that only High Level Aaiyyanists will listen to this particular podcast, or people who were of a sufficient high level in their previous incarnations and are returning to Aaiyyanism.

Swami Dhaval and many other orthodox Aaiyyanists in the Aaiyyan World Foundation believe that the Universe itself (or Brahman’s will) will conspire to only reveal this information to the spiritually inclined, i.e. those individuals who are attuned to the Aaiyyanist method. These individuals can be attuned to Aaiyyanism either from many previous incarnations, or by being given divine will by Brahman via Murugan-Aaiyyan in this incarnation. Thus they argue that any information they present will be directed at the people ‘who it is intended to be heard by’, no one more and no one less. They argue that Brahman will direct the correct people to this path and block the access to people who should not have access to this information.

There is a similar argument for allowing Aaiyyan Stones to be made widely available, as the Aaiyyan World Foundation have insisted that only those who are spiritually deserving (as determined by the Universal OM) , will be granted access. So only those who really show intent in learning these methods such as Astral projection will be granted the boon, just as the ancient Aaiyyanist Kings and Queens of old would request boons from Murugan Aaiyyan. I believe this argument on how the Universe operates has yet to be determined, as many of you know from my previous blog posts.

So all I ask of Swami Dhaval is that he starts off slow and builds up this information. Start with an introduction into meditation, then follow that with various techniques to increase your mental and psychic abilities. Do a podcast on the various meditative techniques on unlocking Lokas. Swami Dhaval should have at least mentioned the techniques in full to achieve a lucid dream state, that can be used to gleam future events and then followup with a podcast on how to read dreams and future states of reality (i.e the Dravidian techniques of clairvoyance).

I hope this clarifies my position.

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