Spiritual Pilgrimages and more.

Namaste,everyone who follows my blog. I have been on various pilgrimages these last few months so have not had much time to update this blog, so deepest apologies for that. I have also been working with many Aaiyyanists around the world on various projects, both charitable and spiritual.

This is really just a quick post to everyone that they should also follow a path of spirituality and pilgrimage. I have decided to take a year or even more to travel to every single Murugan and Murugan Aaiyyan temple in the world and record my journey. I will record my findings in a book or may post it to this blog when I am online. I am not sure yet.

But I must say one thing. Being online and  on the internet and dealing with emails can be very engaging but also can act as a detraction. When I was in the forests and the hills, alone with my thoughts and meditating on the truth nature of Murugan-Aaiyyan, I realised that  I was truly at a place of peace and tranquillity… with my own thoughts and the spirits and Gods around me.

So I urge everyone to be at one with everyone, travel, turn your phone off for a few days, meditate and try to find your own path to Brahman oneness.

Good luck and I’ll be back on the blog in perhaps a few weeks… depending on what findings I discover on the inner journey that I am undertaking to Brahman.


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