Re-entering the physical world

Before I write this next post, I have to apologise for its rambling nature. It is just that I am journeying from a spiritual dimension and entering/returning back to the physical world. So here it goes.

Its been a strange few days being back in the material world. The last few weeks have been spent at an Aaiyyanist retreat, and for many Aaiyyanist that read this, you will know what I am talking about. It is the disjoint between the spiritual plane and the physical reality when one crosses back from the source of Aaiyyanism to the center of materialism that can be described as Chennai, or any other major city on this planet.

Many Aaiyyanists know the routine. To prepare myself I firstly spent some time at a remote Murugan ashram and began to leave the material world behind and enter the spiritual zone. Many Dravidian Aaiyyanists follow this path. The path of firstly purifying oneself and entering a spiritual plane. The ashrams most Aaiyyanist choose are the ashrams that not only allow Bhakti/worship of Murugan, but also strive and teach and demonstrate the Dravidian yogic practises and the ancient scriptures.

Once you have achieved the correct level, the adept then leaves the Murugan ashram and is directed to the Aaiyyanist retreat. (This is by invitation only as the heads of Aaiyyanist schools usually teach there and want to educate those of us blessed to be at a certain spiritual level.) I have been an Aaiyyanist for many years, and it is always an honour to be invited to a retreat where one can partake in yogic practises that enable one to leave this material plane and consciously travel to the many dimensions that are around us.

And this is the problem. When one enters an Aaiyyanist retreat, you spend your days meditating, reading scriptures, preparing yourself physically and spiritually on a path of oneness. There are a small number of fellow Aaiyyanists (around 20 men and women) who share this journey with you. After the first week of this, one is then shown (or reshown) the yogic pathways needed for your spirit/atman projection to dis-inhabit your body and travel firstly within this Universe (to the many stars and planets), then as the days go by, one transforms the inner-self into being able to travel to other realms. You travel with your group who are at various levels of Aaiyyanism and may follow different schools of thought.

Then you are asked to leave the retreat and enter back into the physical world. Now, there are many Aaiyyanists that do not want to enter back into this lower world of materialism and its anti spiritual message. There are many that in fact become part of the S’uunyatal School (a higher offshoot the hermit S’uunya School) and continue their journeys (either alone or with a small group) to the many instances of reality that make up everything that is a part of Brahman.

However…I have obligations to this physical plane. Obligations to my students, family, friends and my work as an Aaiyyanist. But in a few years when I retire I have decided to be a S’uunyatal and will continue this journey with my students, if they wish to accompany me.

I am back

Greetings all. I have returned from a few weeks away on an Aaiyyanist Retreat. I will be just catching up with my emails and other administrative works over the next few days.

I would like to say a special thank you to my fellow Aaiyyanists who have corrected some spelling and grammatical errors on my blog. This is very kind of you all to help me.

I will post some new updates over the next month and look forward to getting into the swing of things once more.