Patreon Site

Greetings. Just a quick post to say that the Aaiyyan World Foundation and other Aaiyyanists online are pooling their resources and have set up a Patreon site to deal with minor expenses concerning web hosting and translation. More details can be found here:

Basically the AWF get a large number of emails from Dravidian Aaiyyanists, but are now also getting a significant number of emails from English speakers. So to help with translations, volunteers and also bandwidth and hosting costs they have set up this Patreon site.

This is not for existing Aaiyyanists, but for new Aaiyyanist members who want to help to spread the message of Aaiyyanism and also to show some minor support to the movement. It will also be used as a means of getting more readers to the Aaiyyanist-Murugan lexicon and a way of focusing our attention to those people that are linked to Aaiyyanism on a deeply spiritual level.

Note: We expect only like minded people who are linked spiritually to Aaiyyanism to support this. There are many who are interested in Aaiyyanism, but are not ‘linked’. The Universe will find the paths to connect those few souls out there, that were Aaiyyanists in previous lives but were not born as native Dravidian Aaiyyani speakers in this one. We shall see.

There is an additional benefit that supporters will receive high resolution images of Lokas created by Aaiyyani (master) level Artists. So please join us if you find yourself linked to our ideals.