The Politics of Aaiyyanism

The main tenet of Aaiyyanism is to be One with all. That is, we are One with all beings on this planet, the many worlds, this Universe and the many dimensions that make up our reality.

So what does this mean from a political standpoint?

Well it means that we must treat all with respect, dignity, love and closeness that can only be defined as being One with all. Thus all Aaiyyanists believe that, in a Universe where we are all One, there should be no borders, suffering, racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious intolerance or any prejudices whatsoever. Therefore, we must treat everyone as One with Us and Brahman.

The Aaiyyanist does not believe in man-made borders, created in the last hundred or so years. We do not believe or support building of walls to separate us from our fellow humans.

The Aaiyyanist  does not believe in discriminating on anyone, concerning their gender. In fact, our greatest teachers throughout the ages have been men, women and transgendered. There is no concept of wrong or incorrect sexual preference in Dravidian Aaiyyanism. All relationships between man/woman/transgendered are celebrated as a union between two beings that can only make us closer to Oneness.

There is no caste in Dravidian Aaiyyanism, the only distinction between Aaiyyanists is their rank and School of choice and this is determined by how many Aaiyyanist healings or Siddhi sessions that have been performed.

The Aaiyyanist is One with all and thus should care for All. In the ancient Dravidian Ashram Temple States there was no homelessness or poverty. Just like the modern tribes that exist  in untouched places such as the Amazon… all members of the tribe would take care of each other. Such was the same in the ancient Dravidian Aaiyyanist States that existed 15-100,000 years ago.  In fact, if you are reading this and this sentiment resonates with you, it is because you were an Aaiyyanist in your previous life and lived and experienced the perfected Aaiyyanist State firsthand.

It is only in modern history (the last couple of thousand years) that poverty, homeleness, inequality, xenophobia and other aberrations to spiritual and physical Oneness have been allowed to flourish.

Dravidian Aaiyyanists are also vigorously opposed to any form of injustice and will spiritually and physically fight against oppression. Most Dravidian Aaiyyanists are absolute pacifists, so will use a variety of passive non-violent resistance tactics to achieve the greater good… which is Oneness with all.

This Oneness means bringing the oppressors and the oppressed together, so that all feelings of separation fall away and we begin to care for one another in a pure Aaiyyanist/Brahmanic love. This can only be achieved if you preach and follow the doctrine of non-violence, for as soon as you partake in violent acts, you basically break the physical, metaphysical and spiritual links that bind us… and it makes it that much harder to achieve Oneness.

So what does this all mean in the modern reality we exist in today. Well, it is simple… all Aaiyyanists support and should promote any political group that brings us closer together with all peoples, races, religions and philosophies. The Aaiyyanist is actively against regimes, groups, political ideologies that promote hatred, intolerance and disharmony.

We think that most people who read these words will understand and follow their Aaiyyanist conscience when voting or being politically active in any way.



One thought on “The Politics of Aaiyyanism

  1. This sounds like what i am striving for. I am still having difficulties but as times goes on i see more day by day that all life is precious and one.


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