The Aaiyyanist practise of remembering previous lives

When you were a small child you played with toys, attended the temple, were fed and slept. But you cannot remember those acts now in later life. You may have feelings and hints of remembrance of people you grew up with, but the exact memories are lost, unless you documented them at the time such as writing a diary. This is the same with remembrance of your previous lives. It is very difficult to remember your past lives, unless you have trained yourself in the Dravidian Yogic arts, or inscribed a spiritual diary of your past life, such that you will be able to read it in your present life.

We cannot stress this enough. This is primarily the reason that most people cannot remember their previous lives. Most people have no issue in “not remembering” their life as a child, but many non-Hindus scoff when they realise that the reason they cannot remember their past lives is the same dynamic. They cannot remember their previous lives, as they have not developed their inter-lifetime memory yet, and they have not been trained to do so. Or they have not written a spiritual diary to access those distant memories.

We do get glimpses of our previous lives in the people we meet. As all Aaiyyanists know, in order for the Karmic balance to be rectified, we always meet the same individuals in our past lives as we do in our present. This is to balance any Karmic issues in our interactions in previous lives. For example, you may have had a friend in a previous life that betrayed you, thus to address the karmic imbalance, you will meet in this life. Of course, most non-Aaiyyanists would simply betray that friend in this life to simplistically negate the Karmic bond. In fact, the Universal tendencies would impel an untrained mind to do this. However, all Aaiyyanists know that we must break the Karmic cycle to attain oneness. So any betrayal in a previous life should be met by love in this one. Thus we begin to merge with the Universal OM.

So, how do we remember our previous life? There is one tried and tested method that is designed to strengthen the inter-lifetime memory muscle, and that is to inscribe the Katinnullyan (born-remembrance) symbols. This can enable you to create a spiritual diary for you to inscribe in this lifetime as well as aid you in remembering your past lives.

To remember your past lives, one must inscribe the Katinnullyan (born-remembrance) symbols on the floor (on paper, sand or other methods). Sit in front of them and meditate on them until you can feel the barriers between your mind and your previous minds being dissipated.

The Katinnullyan symbols were given to us by Murugan to the first Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanists as a gift to remember their link with Brahman, Shiva, Murugan and themselves. It basically opens up a Loka (positive dimensions) that exists beyond time and can link all timelines in one point that is focused on the inscription that you have created. Remember, with this tool you will be able to open up the barriers of time and memory and will be able to feel the memories you had from many generations.

Please note: all memories flow in this dimension, but as you are resonantly linked with yourself, your own memory footprints will be strongly attached to yourself. You will only be able to experience your own memories. Having said that, only high level Yogis are able to link with others memories, so you should not attempt to do that if you feel that you cannot, as this may cause a temporary Arybettayyanal state ( a state of spiritual schizophrenia, which can be quite distressing) .

As you focus on the sacred Katinnullyan symbols you will feel your memory expand. You will feel glimpses of your previous existence. If you do not feel anything now, you will start to feel it as you meditate more and more on the symbol. You should mediate on them for 10-20 mins per day and as you do so the resonant link between the Katinnullyan Loka (dimension) and yourself will increase. You can meditate on them for longer and many Aaiyyanists of the Aatmaani School do so for hours. As an Aaiyyanist you will be attuned to your body and know when to start and stop meditating on these symbols.

So, as you meditate on Katinnullyan, your link to this Loka will increase. Many Aaiyyanists find that they will start dreaming about their previous lives  and how they interacted with people in it. You will also begin to start visually remembering your previous existences.

Some Aaiyyanists also feel the memories of lives that are yet to be (i.e. the future). One must understand that the Katinnullyan Loka contains all timelines in one point. In fact many Aaiyyanists and non-Aaiyyanists who read this will have already experienced a future memory in their dreams, as the only people who follow Aaiyyanism are those who hold a deeply held spiritual belief – and these manifestations are a natural consequence of that. Another manifestation of being an Aaiyyanist in a previous life is finding these teachings again in this life. Remember, the fact that you are reading this now is not a coincidence.

The second step in building your inter-lifetime memory muscle is to create and write your own timeless spiritual diary into the Katinnullyan Loka. How does one do this? It is simple. You simply need to write the inverse Ud-Katinnullyan symbols and place your memory energy into them, to record your auric embodiment for all eternity. In practice you will draw the inverse Ud-Katinnullyan symbols onto the floor (using paper or sand), you then take you most resonant and strong memories of the day that you have just experienced and place them mentally into the symbols, i.e. infusing the Katinnullyan with your immediate living memory. If you do this for 10 minutes every day, the link from you to the Katinnullyan Loka will increase. The strongest memories will be inscribed into the Katinnullyan Loka and the link to that Loka from you will be strengthened such that when you die and are reborn the Loka and the memories you placed their directly will be so resonantly linked that you will be able to remember your previous memories at will. This is why many of the High Dravidian Aaiyyani’s can remember in vivid detail their previous lives, especially the children of Aaiyyanis where the memories are immediately fresh in their mind.

So, in summary. Inscribe Katinnullyan and  Ud-Katinnullyan. Meditate on those to remember your previous lives and also store the memories you will like/need to recall directly and strongly in your next lives. By doing this you will be able to remember your past actions and correct for them by breaking the Karmic cycle and ultimately becoming One with all.

If you do not have a strict representation of the Katinnullyan and Ud-Katinnullyan Lokas, please contact the Aaiyyan World Foundation. Many Aaiyyanists have these symbolic scriptures already in their possession, but some may not.


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