How does one become a full Aaiyyanist? – Patience and Vocation.

Until very recently (as recently as 25 years ago), the Aaiyyanists worldwide did not accept new members. It was in fact forbidden to preach and declare yourself to be an Aaiyyanist, as it was considered to be an egotistical act. Thus, it was almost impossible for new members to be recruited – as there was not much knowledge about Aaiyyanism outside of the Dravidian fold.

However, 25 years ago the Aaiyyan World Foundation decided to open its teachings to the outside world and is now recruiting new members from around the world to share and experience the ideas and teachings of Murugan-Aaiyyan and our Dravidian Shaivite philosophy.

This has however, highlighted an issue, which has just recently been brought up by the Aaiyyan Chamber. As the Aaiyyan World Foundation has opened its doors to non-members, what we are finding is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people continuously asking for information, Aaiyyan Stones, books and paintings. The new members are keen to learn and are seeking spiritual enlightenment, and we applaud that. However, they have the wrong Aaiyyanist mindset. The pure Aaiyyanist mindset (of whatever School you are from) is one of “patience and vocation”.

Let me repeat this, for it is very important. One of the greatest virtues of Aaiyyanism is: patience.  This prized by all Aaiyyanist groups and Schools around the world. It is the act of patience that defines you, and shows us that you are grounded in the long term. In other words, you must perceive time in terms of years and many lifetimes, as this is usually the timescale before you achieve Oneness. Many people (in this modern world) think in terms of the present or the near future. The perfected Aaiyyanist is a Universal timeless being that should think in terms of aeons and millennia.

As all Aaiyyanists know, a typical Aaiyyanist education takes a lifetime and many lifetimes to finish. In fact, the lowest level of Acharya takes at least 15 years to complete. And it takes around 30 years to become a Muula-Swami (the lowest of the levels). Remember, nothing of any significance is achieved in weeks or months. If you are serious about the doctrine of Aaiyyanism, your studies will take years.

So, what does this mean? Well it means that the Aaiyyan World Foundation is looking for people who are deeply meditative and patient in their studies. They are looking for people who are not impulsive or impatient. The Aaiyyan Foundation is looking for people that can think and plan in years and many lifetimes. In other words, the individuals that the Aaiyyan World Foundation usually concentrate on and send their materials and instructions too first, are the individuals that make no demands and simply wish to learn over a lifetime. The individuals that are too keen and pushy for knowledge, do not demonstrate the purist Aaiyyanist mind-set. They (of course) will be sent information too, but the Aaiyyan World Foundation has made a conscious decision to link with likeminded individuals first (the ones that demonstrate meditative patience) before linking with the wider general public.

There is no point, constantly requesting information, if it takes a lifetime to understand the concepts. In fact, the Aaiyyan World Foundation, Aaiyyanist Schools and the Chamber have found that the people who strive for knowledge and push for it, soon become bored and move their studies to other fields as quickly as night follows day. These individuals are constantly looking or something, but never finding it, because they do not have the spiritual mentality required to be at One with the Universe in Aaiyyanism.

The Aaiyyan World Foundation is receiving almost 2-3 thousand emails per day, and so has to concentrate on the individuals that are more spiritually linked with the ethos of the Chamber. The Aaiyyan World Foundation will (of course) instruct all the thousands of people who are interested in time. But first, they are looking for the next generation of leaders and disciples that will spread the message of Aaiyyanism, not just in this lifetime but in the countless lifetimes that will follow.

Another interesting thing that the Chamber and High Level Aaiyyanists have noticed is this: Many of the individuals who are interested in Aaiyyanism, simply like to read about it and meditate on the message, but not act on the message. This is quite remarkable and surprising to most Aaiyyanists, as another of the Aaiyyanist mindsets is one of: “vocational practise”. Remember, Aaiyyanism is vocational. In other words, you must put what you have learnt into practise. For the more times you practise, the more resonant energy you will acquire. You help yourself and help others.

An example of knowledge without action is this: The Aaiyyan World Foundation recently gave out its healing manual (in English) to almost fifteen thousand new members to learn and heal the wider public. One of the tenets in the manual is that, for each healing you perform you must inform the Aaiyyan World Foundation, so that they can record your progress. The more healings you perform the more you will become resonant with the Universal healing energy and the positive Lokas that they exist in. As you perform more and more healings, you will rise in rank in the Aaiyyan World Foundation. After you have reached a certain level, then you will be invited to join one of the Schools of Aaiyyanism.

Many people are also healing people for a small fee, and are making a good living from this knowledge. Ideally, the healing sessions should be free but the Aaiyyan World Foundation does recognise that people live in the material world so must pay for things like accommodation and food. So they do allow healers and Siddhis to charge a reasonable amount for their time and service. This is all described in the Healers manual.

The Aaiyyan World Foundation gave their English healing manual for free to almost fifteen thousand people around the world and expected there to be a rush of healings and a rise in positive energy from the planet.

However, what we found in reality was that only 500 dedicated souls, put their knowledge into practise and are healing people on a regular basis. These 500 people have been fast-tracked into the Aaiyyanist fold, been given more free reading material and Aaiyyan Stones and are being actively concentrated on by the Foundation.  The low numbers of active new Aaiyyanists (five hundred out of fifteen thousand) however, has deeply troubled the Aaiyyan Foundation.

The various Aaiyyanist schools were disappointed also. We have hundreds of emails per day from non-members asking us to join certain schools such as the Aardra (Harita), Aatmaani (Pure), or even Abhichaara (Tantric) schools. However, Aaiyyanist Schools will only take people who are at a certain level, which is only determined by your Healings or Siddhi actions. You cannot simply join an Aaiyyanist school. You have to be a practising Aaiyyanist and have informed the Aaiyyan Foundation of your Healings or Siddhi actions such that they know what level of understanding you have reached. Once you reach a higher level of understanding, only then will you be qualified to be approached by a School. There is one surprising success story. The Abhichaara Tantric School has recruited many members who are performing their ancient summoning rituals. But it is disappointing that other forms of positive Aaiyyanist knowledge are not being acted upon.

So in summary, the Aaiyyanist wants to share their knowledge with others who will practise the teachings of Aaiyyanism in the wider world for a long period of time. It is of little interest to the Aaiyyanist to share knowledge with someone who will simply study it and keep it to themselves, or move onto other fields, i.e. someone who thinks in the short term. You must think long term, for following the teachings of Aaiyyanism will not just take this lifetime to master, but many lifetimes before you reach Oneness with Brahman.

We hope this message resonates with people who are truly destined to be the next generation of Aaiyyanists. Remember the ethos: “Patience and Vocation”.

6 thoughts on “How does one become a full Aaiyyanist? – Patience and Vocation.

  1. where can i downlode this healing manual.i email the aaiyan foundation about the ebooks twice, first the told me it may be out mid year 2017 and said they are going to some retreat.and second time had no response.


      • i have been waiting for the response,got none.i wrote another mail still got no response.i have all the apps on healing and summoning symbols.summoning app seems dangerous.i found one article about an american who got possesed by a spirit from the summoning app.
        where should i start.please guide is my


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