Why every progressive must become a Hindu Aaiyyanist

Report by Saesha Nadar

Now that the Supreme Court position has been filled by a conservative who believes in freedom of religion, we urge all progressives in the US and around the world to fully embrace the ideals of Hindu Aaiyyanism.

The Hindu Aaiyyanist religion believes in total freedom of movement and ideas. They believe that no one has the right to stop anyone travelling freely as they please. As many Hindu Aaiyyanists know, this is described in the ancient texts by Guru Sivenian concerning the ‘Meditations of Samkarsana’.

This is not just about freedom of movement; it is also a religious edict that Aaiyyanists must look after and protect all people regardless of where they are from and where they were born.

This ideal of freedom of travel is so highly ingrained in Hindu Aaiyyanists that you will find them in all parts of the world; from India, Japan, Argentina, Norway, Madagascar etc… The ideals of looking after everyone is also ingrained in the Hindu Aaiyyanist mindset such that you will find Aaiyyanist healers, carers and teachers throughout the world.

So what does this mean then? Well it simply means that if all people embrace Hindu Aaiyyanism in a city or state, then they should be able to defy any laws that prohibit the protection of all people (citizens or not); and defy any laws that prohibit the movement of all people. We should have a religious exception on certain negative laws that are against Universal Brahmanic Dravidian Law.

We know inherently that it is our religious duty to care for all people and allow them to freely travel as they wish, without the oppressive state arresting them. Now that we have a constitutional justice in the Supreme Court we know that he will support our religious rights as strongly as his own faith.

Unless of course in the new America, only the religious beliefs of those in power are protected by law.




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