Why Hillary Clinton is so Wonderful

Report by Aditi Nadar

This is a personal account of how I (as an Aaiyyanist woman) feel about the next president of the United States of America: Hillary Clinton. It is also an essay on why all people (both Hindu Aaiyyanists and non Aaiyyanists must vote for her to become our next President).

Hillary Clinton is truly a wonderful and spiritually enlightened being. She is a champion of human rights and the rights of women and racial equality. She believes in a borderless world where all humans can live as one in true harmony. She believes in world peace and liberal democracy for all countries of the world. She believes in feeding and looking after the poor and starving from the poorest places in the world. She believes  and has fought for all of America’s poorest people.

I will give you some examples of how Hillary Clinton has helped humanity.

  • Hillary Clinton helped setup the magnificent Clinton Foundation which has aided the poorest people in the world. She has saved hundreds of thousands of lives with her foundation’s work and continues to be a champion for the global poor.
  • Hillary Clinton, in her long and illustrious career, has aided the very poorest in America, and has especially helped the African American population escape from poverty to the riches they enjoy today.
  • She has helped the American people get a world class education and laid plans for an affordable healthcare that is the envy of the planet.
  • She has helped many countries around the world to free themselves from vicious dictatorships so that they may take the first steps into attaining the goal of liberal democracy.
  • She supports the health of this beautiful planet and is an advocate for new carbon taxes that have the ability to save this planet from its selfish inhabitants.
  • She is a mother to us all and knows how to aid women (not just here in America) but all over the world. She supports a women’s right to choose and her right to work, and has fought all her life for total equality.
  • Hillary Clinton loves all people and treats them all as One, and as such she has battled for marriage equality so that all people can marry regardless of their gender preference or orientation.
  • Hillary Clinton is also a defender of human rights and freedom and has vowed to protect the USA from its enemies who hate human rights and freedom. I will not mention the countries here but we all know who they are.
  • Hillary Clinton has made the cities of America gun free zones thus reducing their overall crime rate and deaths at the hand of guns.
  • Hillary Clinton supports freedom and is fighting for African Americans to not be shot by the police, but instead to be protected as human beings.


In a world where religion is dying, we need a new Goddess to revive the spiritual foundation of this country. I, and many liberal Hindu Aaiyyanists believe that Hillary Clinton is the very the essence of Durga (the Mother Goddess). She could even be the very incarnation of Durga, only time will tell. Therefore, we must all pray to the Goddess that she triumphs in the 2016 election and sets this world on the right path for the future.







3 thoughts on “Why Hillary Clinton is so Wonderful

  1. Hi, I have received numerous negative comments for posting Aditi’s article here on my site. I believe in freedom of speech and everyone has the right to their own opinion, but hateful comments will not be posted here. I believe in love and harmony and so does Aditi Nadar and we should respect her article and ideas and not resort to name calling. We must love all unconditionally to become the true humans we were meant to be.


  2. horrible blog that gives no evidence to these absurd claims. if you believe what is said then you should post some evidence to support the claims


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