Ancient Dravidian Aaiyyanist Knowledge

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

The Ancient Aaiyyanists Dravidian Hindus that occupied Southern India 10 to 15 thousand years ago are the true adherents of traditional Hindu thought and action. This ancient Dravidian Philosophy and Religion had (and has to this day) one simple truth:

‘One can never condemn nor condone any actions.’

What does this mean? Basically it means that as true humans one can never judge, condemn nor condone any actions from our fellow humans. We cannot chastise someone for things we disagree with or praise someone for things we agree with. Both are acts of the ego and as such are not pure Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanist thought.

Why do we have this philosophy you ask? The answer is simple. We, Humans, Gods, Asuras and other beings that exist in this Universe are all part of the Universal One: Brahman. We are all One and all actions that are created by us are all part of a greater truth. We cannot condemn the acts of another as it is part of Brahman’s will. Likewise we cannot praise the acts of someone as that will detract from other actions from other people.

We, asĀ custodians of the Ancient Dravidian wisdom must simply observe and love all beings unconditionally as part of Brahman. There are many pebbles on the path but the path goes to the direction of Oneness with all.



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