The only Libertarian Religion

Report by Hardik Raman

I am going to say something controversial. Of all the philosophies and religions on this planet, there is only one that is truly libertarian; and that is Hinduism. Not any form of Hinduism but the Dravidian Aaiyyanist form. The Dravidian Hindus were the original Hindus that existed in South India tens of thousands of years ago.

One of the main groups of Dravidian Hindus are called ‘Aaiyyanists’. They are of a Saivite ideology that worship the Destroyer (Siva) as an embodiment of Godhead. Brief background: in Hindu Aaiyyanism, Creation (Brahma) is the simple act of breaking and remaining separate from Brahman (the omnipotent OM). Preserving/protecting is the realm of Vishnu and his incarnations such as Rama/Krishna. However, merging back with Brahman in a act of destruction to kill the ego self, as well as destroy all the realms (Talas/Lokas) in order to fuse into Oneness – that is the greatest gift of Siva.

Now unlike our Northern Hindu compatriots, the Southern Dravidian Aaiyyanists never had a caste system. They allowed men, women and transgendered (Hijras) to act as priests, healers and Siddhis (spiritual guides). In fact, the only way you could rise up the levels in Hindu Aaiyyanism was to perform acts/rituals/prays for others, so this was and still is a totally merit based system. Many of the high founders and devotees now and in the past were made up of men, women, third gender, and indigenous tribal people (who would be classed as outside of the caste system in the Northern Hindu tradition).

In Hindu Aaiyyanism there is only one tenet: “One cannot condemn nor condone anyone’s actions”. All paths lead to the truth and all truth is part of Brahman. Thus it is forbidden to condemn or chastise anyone for their beliefs or actions. So in Aaiyyanism one cannot comment or go against anyone’s religious belief, gender orientation, gender preference or tribe/race. Aaiyyanists are taught to love all as One and also to understand that we are really part of ‘The Whole’, so we cannot go against anyone’s ideas but must in fact embrace it as a part of Aaiyyanism.

Hindu Aaiyyanists basically follow the strict covenants of Dravidian practice and absorbs and welcomes all faiths as part of its greater whole. In Aaiyyanism there is the belief that all faiths point to a central truth (even if they contradict one another). There are many pebbles on the same path and Hindu Aaiyyanists are taught to study all religions as a small part of Aaiyyanism, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, various Hindu philosophies, Jainism,  Tantric knowledge, Buddhism, Paganism, Witchcraft etc…these are all part of the truth that is encompassed in Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanism.

Now Aaiyyanism does realize that everyone is different and have different beliefs, so they allowed the formation of Aaiyyanist schools. For example, the Aatmaani School (the Pure Healing School of Aaiyyanism), the Aardra (Green) School which caters for Ayurvedic practises,  the Varna School which deal with poetry, dance and art and even the Abhichaara School which is a Tantric (Black Magic) school. Aaiyyanism is completely libertarian in that anyone can set up their own school and formulate their own ideas about the path to Moksha (liberation).

The Aaiyyanists also believe that all people are allowed to follow their own path and must be allowed to do so without anyone, including the state or higher powers to deny them this right.  They also believe that no group can dictate their collective will against an individual.

So, in summary, as a Hindu Aaiyyanist you cannot judge anyone and must allow everyone to live their life as they see fit. You cannot impose your will on anyone and create/support laws and regulations that will impact another’s freedom.

The Aaiyyanist can only love all peoples and ideas as One with Brahman and ultimately part of The Greater Truth.


2 thoughts on “The only Libertarian Religion

  1. Btw, I find this is a bit strange. My understanding is that the words “Aaiyya” e.g. as in the terms iyer and iyengar actually come from the word “arya” ,and in fact that brahmans in south india are pretty much the only “north indians” in south india – which is why they retain Sanskrit roots (as against Tamil, Kannada, Telugu etc.). Also, I in fact think that under the various religions under the umbrella of “Hinduism”, the Bhagavad Gita is almost modern-libertarianism incarnate (e.g. why sometimes violence is more important than non-violence (the non-aggression principle), or why swadharma (self-duty) is higher than any other duty (duty to community , parents etc.). Also of course, I am using the word libertarian as regards, but I have in the past met people who consider liberalism the same as libertarianism (i hope you are not conflating the two), modern liberalism is essentially leftism (via big govt), whereas libertarianism is “right-wing” (where again right wing means something different than most people realize, where left I consider mostly “big-govt”, and right as small-govt (X axis is how wealth is distributed and Y is how power is distributed– but thats a bit tangential)


    • Namaste, Aaiyyan comes from the Dravidian Aaiyyani term and it is a form for Murugan. Dravidian Aaiyyani is a language that is said to be an ancient version (or ancestor) of Tamil, but also maybe related to African languages due to its ancient nature. Though I am sure there are cross overs and loan terms between different Indian dialects, Indo-European Languages and Languages around the world.

      I am not sure about the political designations between Liberal and Libertarian etc…. I guess if you were in the USA these terms may mean something totally different to if you were in India or Europe. Also ancient people may have names for a concept that may mean something different now. I believe the important thing to remember is:

      “The Aaiyyanists also believe that all people are allowed to follow their own path and must be allowed to do so without anyone, including the state or higher powers to deny them this right.”

      I hope that helps.


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