Why Hillary Clinton is so Wonderful

Report by Aditi Nadar

This is a personal account of how I (as an Aaiyyanist woman) feel about the next president of the United States of America: Hillary Clinton. It is also an essay on why all people (both Hindu Aaiyyanists and non Aaiyyanists must vote for her to become our next President).

Hillary Clinton is truly a wonderful and spiritually enlightened being. She is a champion of human rights and the rights of women and racial equality. She believes in a borderless world where all humans can live as one in true harmony. She believes in world peace and liberal democracy for all countries of the world. She believes in feeding and looking after the poor and starving from the poorest places in the world. She believes  and has fought for all of America’s poorest people.

I will give you some examples of how Hillary Clinton has helped humanity.

  • Hillary Clinton helped setup the magnificent Clinton Foundation which has aided the poorest people in the world. She has saved hundreds of thousands of lives with her foundation’s work and continues to be a champion for the global poor.
  • Hillary Clinton, in her long and illustrious career, has aided the very poorest in America, and has especially helped the African American population escape from poverty to the riches they enjoy today.
  • She has helped the American people get a world class education and laid plans for an affordable healthcare that is the envy of the planet.
  • She has helped many countries around the world to free themselves from vicious dictatorships so that they may take the first steps into attaining the goal of liberal democracy.
  • She supports the health of this beautiful planet and is an advocate for new carbon taxes that have the ability to save this planet from its selfish inhabitants.
  • She is a mother to us all and knows how to aid women (not just here in America) but all over the world. She supports a women’s right to choose and her right to work, and has fought all her life for total equality.
  • Hillary Clinton loves all people and treats them all as One, and as such she has battled for marriage equality so that all people can marry regardless of their gender preference or orientation.
  • Hillary Clinton is also a defender of human rights and freedom and has vowed to protect the USA from its enemies who hate human rights and freedom. I will not mention the countries here but we all know who they are.
  • Hillary Clinton has made the cities of America gun free zones thus reducing their overall crime rate and deaths at the hand of guns.
  • Hillary Clinton supports freedom and is fighting for African Americans to not be shot by the police, but instead to be protected as human beings.


In a world where religion is dying, we need a new Goddess to revive the spiritual foundation of this country. I, and many liberal Hindu Aaiyyanists believe that Hillary Clinton is the very the essence of Durga (the Mother Goddess). She could even be the very incarnation of Durga, only time will tell. Therefore, we must all pray to the Goddess that she triumphs in the 2016 election and sets this world on the right path for the future.






Ancient Dravidian Aaiyyanist Knowledge

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

The Ancient Aaiyyanists Dravidian Hindus that occupied Southern India 10 to 15 thousand years ago are the true adherents of traditional Hindu thought and action. This ancient Dravidian Philosophy and Religion had (and has to this day) one simple truth:

‘One can never condemn nor condone any actions.’

What does this mean? Basically it means that as true humans one can never judge, condemn nor condone any actions from our fellow humans. We cannot chastise someone for things we disagree with or praise someone for things we agree with. Both are acts of the ego and as such are not pure Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanist thought.

Why do we have this philosophy you ask? The answer is simple. We, Humans, Gods, Asuras and other beings that exist in this Universe are all part of the Universal One: Brahman. We are all One and all actions that are created by us are all part of a greater truth. We cannot condemn the acts of another as it is part of Brahman’s will. Likewise we cannot praise the acts of someone as that will detract from other actions from other people.

We, as custodians of the Ancient Dravidian wisdom must simply observe and love all beings unconditionally as part of Brahman. There are many pebbles on the path but the path goes to the direction of Oneness with all.



The only Libertarian Religion

Report by Hardik Raman

I am going to say something controversial. Of all the philosophies and religions on this planet, there is only one that is truly libertarian; and that is Hinduism. Not any form of Hinduism but the Dravidian Aaiyyanist form. The Dravidian Hindus were the original Hindus that existed in South India tens of thousands of years ago.

One of the main groups of Dravidian Hindus are called ‘Aaiyyanists’. They are of a Saivite ideology that worship the Destroyer (Siva) as an embodiment of Godhead. Brief background: in Hindu Aaiyyanism, Creation (Brahma) is the simple act of breaking and remaining separate from Brahman (the omnipotent OM). Preserving/protecting is the realm of Vishnu and his incarnations such as Rama/Krishna. However, merging back with Brahman in a act of destruction to kill the ego self, as well as destroy all the realms (Talas/Lokas) in order to fuse into Oneness – that is the greatest gift of Siva.

Now unlike our Northern Hindu compatriots, the Southern Dravidian Aaiyyanists never had a caste system. They allowed men, women and transgendered (Hijras) to act as priests, healers and Siddhis (spiritual guides). In fact, the only way you could rise up the levels in Hindu Aaiyyanism was to perform acts/rituals/prays for others, so this was and still is a totally merit based system. Many of the high founders and devotees now and in the past were made up of men, women, third gender, and indigenous tribal people (who would be classed as outside of the caste system in the Northern Hindu tradition).

In Hindu Aaiyyanism there is only one tenet: “One cannot condemn nor condone anyone’s actions”. All paths lead to the truth and all truth is part of Brahman. Thus it is forbidden to condemn or chastise anyone for their beliefs or actions. So in Aaiyyanism one cannot comment or go against anyone’s religious belief, gender orientation, gender preference or tribe/race. Aaiyyanists are taught to love all as One and also to understand that we are really part of ‘The Whole’, so we cannot go against anyone’s ideas but must in fact embrace it as a part of Aaiyyanism.

Hindu Aaiyyanists basically follow the strict covenants of Dravidian practice and absorbs and welcomes all faiths as part of its greater whole. In Aaiyyanism there is the belief that all faiths point to a central truth (even if they contradict one another). There are many pebbles on the same path and Hindu Aaiyyanists are taught to study all religions as a small part of Aaiyyanism, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, various Hindu philosophies, Jainism,  Tantric knowledge, Buddhism, Paganism, Witchcraft etc…these are all part of the truth that is encompassed in Dravidian Hindu Aaiyyanism.

Now Aaiyyanism does realize that everyone is different and have different beliefs, so they allowed the formation of Aaiyyanist schools. For example, the Aatmaani School (the Pure Healing School of Aaiyyanism), the Aardra (Green) School which caters for Ayurvedic practises,  the Varna School which deal with poetry, dance and art and even the Abhichaara School which is a Tantric (Black Magic) school. Aaiyyanism is completely libertarian in that anyone can set up their own school and formulate their own ideas about the path to Moksha (liberation).

The Aaiyyanists also believe that all people are allowed to follow their own path and must be allowed to do so without anyone, including the state or higher powers to deny them this right.  They also believe that no group can dictate their collective will against an individual.

So, in summary, as a Hindu Aaiyyanist you cannot judge anyone and must allow everyone to live their life as they see fit. You cannot impose your will on anyone and create/support laws and regulations that will impact another’s freedom.

The Aaiyyanist can only love all peoples and ideas as One with Brahman and ultimately part of The Greater Truth.