The Incarnation of Murugan

Namaste, I have heard from high level sources in the Aaiyyan World Foundation that the incarnation of Murugan was born in 2010, 10 days before the birth date of the ‘Unconquered Sun’ or Aaiyyanist Surya. We use the name Unconquered Sun as this is the name that the early Romans who interacted with Hindu Aaiyyanists first coined the term.

This is a follow-up post from my previous blog which has now discontinued and I had many private requests to clarify this – and so I have. The incarnation of Murugan walks amongst us.


Aaiyyan Stones – The Dangers

Namaste all,

After much reflection, I have had a change in heart about the Aaiyyan World Foundation making available Aaiyyan Stones to the wider general public. Previously Aaiyyan Stones were only allowed to be given to High Level Aaiyyanists and Gurus due to the power that the stones can generate and Aaiyyanists are beings on a spiritual quest and are somewhat enlightened compared to many people.

As my Aaiyyanist readership know, Aaiyyan Stones have the ability to open/bring closer positive Lokas to dispel negative Karma. The rituals to create the stones are usually enacted by very High Level Aaiyyanists and they infuse (inscribe) the Loka keys into the stone. So, passing the stones onto a lower level Aaiyyanist will give the same benefit as if the High Level Aaiyyanist Master was performing the ritual in their presence. There is no loss in resonant energy transfer when the stones are given to someone else, so a high level Master who is in tune with the positive Loka can give the stones to someone else and they will also then be in resonance with the positive Loka.

This was a good idea when the Aaiyyan World Foundation allowed the stones to be passed between High Level Aaiyyanists and Gurus and even some Swami Level Aaiyyanists could benefit from the stones. However, giving them to the the wider public is very dangerous. Some people who have very negative Karma due to bad actions in this life the their previous ones will now be able to get their hands on the stones and dispel that negativity and then begin to benefit both financially, materially and spiritually by doing no work. I fundamentally believe that this is wrong and urge the Aaiyyan World Foundation to reconsider.

Aaiyyan Stones should be available to spiritually enlightened beings. The Aaiyyan World Foundation argues that someone who is saturated with negative Karma will be unable to acquire the stones as the Universe itself will prevent that from happening (i.e. creating a psychological or physical block to prevent the user acquiring the stones). This has yet to be tested out. I would be very dismayed indeed if someone with a corrupt soul was able to gain financially, materially and spiritually by gaining access to Aaiyyan Stones without initially becoming a spiritual being.