The Prohibition of Eruthazhuvuthal


Report by Darshan Maraikayar

The ancient wrestling art of Eruthazhuvuthal (Jallikattu) has been banned once again by the Indian Supreme Court. If you have been following the Aaiyyanist and Dravidian press you would have remembered that the Indian government recently lifted the ban, but now it has been reinstated.

For non Tamils – Jallikattu is a form of bull fighting where thousands of men chase bulls to grab prizes that are tied to their horns. The ‘bullfighters’ hold on to the animals hump for 20 meters or 3 jumps of the bull to win. The bulls are not killed during the game but they can be harmed and as you can imagine they can be extremely distressed by humans trying to ride their back. Eruthazhuvuthal plays on the bulls natural nervousness (as a hunted animal) and places them in terrifying situations for entertainment.

Most Aaiyyanists believe that using animals for sports that they do not understand is a deeply cruel and negative act perpetrated against the Universe. We should not use living beings for sport, unless they consciously wish to be part of it and give their reasoned consent.

The Aaiyyanists are essentially libertarian and allow anyone to follow their own path and traditions – we can neither condemn nor condone. We also think that it is not the role of government to interfere in the daily practices of people, but the welfare of the animals is paramount.

Some Aaiyyanists in different schools partake and are actively involved in forms of Eruthazhuvuthal, whilst others are against it with a deeply held spiritual conviction. We will leave it up to the individual Aaiyyanist to analyse their own ethics and conscience on this matter and trust in Brahman.

AWF Conference – Mistake

Namaste, there was some confusion at the AWF conference where I thought I would be able to post news stories to my personal blog, add my own images and attribute it to the AWF – but that was not the case – I was mistaken. There was no link to the AWF from my previous blog.


So I just thought I would clarify that.


Namaste, Welcome to my new blog. The old one (aaiyyan) was discontinued and had absolutely nothing to do with the Aaiyyan World Foundation. Some members of the AWF were unhappy about me posting my own images and stories on the old very unofficial Aaiyyan blog and people may have got the impression that it was linked to Aaiyyanism. So I have created this new blog to clarify that this is totally separate from the AWF.


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The Whales of Tuticorin

Report by Hardik Raman

As explained in many articles and Aaiyyanist conferences in the past 30 years, we know that there is a deep spiritual corruption upon the land of Tamil Nadu. An ancient echo of a genocide that took place 15000 years ago – the Kalaiyyan incident. This darkening has been growing stronger these past few years and any liberated spiritual soul can understand and sense that there is something deeply wrong with the state of the world – not just in India or Tamil Nadu.

Our spiritual brethren – the whales have also sensed this malaise and have been deliberately swimming to shore in order to perform a form of Atma Hatya (ritual suicide). They have performed this act at the central lodestone or the nexus point: Tuticorin.

Over 70 pilot whales have already died this way and many more are expected to join them. This can either be explained as a selfless spiritual sacrifice to dispel the negative energy building up from the Danavas invasion or (as many Aaiyyanists suspect) an act of evil, in that, the pilot whales are being forced to kill themselves so that their negative murdered life force can be used to resonate energy with Talas – so propagate further encroachments into our plane by descendants of the surviving son of Bhandasura. As Aaiyyanists all know – the descendants have the power to revive entities from the past that one thought were gone from this plane but need the negative energy to proceed.

To non-Aaiyyanists: Thoothukudi or Tuticorin is well know to Aaiyyanists as a point in space that is closely linked to many Talas and Lokas and any disturbance in the ethereal spiritual plasma of Tuticorin will ripple out and resonant with many beings that have a higher connection to Brahman. Anyone (even non-Aaiyyanists) who reads this article and is drawn to the spiritual world can also sense subconsciously what is happening.

It is no coincidence that the last time such an incident occurred was in Tuticorin again in 1973 when 147 whales died. As mentioned above, Tuticorin is the lode stone of Talic activity in this plane and 1973 just happened to be the birth time of the Tantric master from the Abhichaara school. Some Aaiyyanist believe He is aiding entities from beyond these shores to recreate the “joining” – but we cannot condemn nor condone fellow Aaiyyanists in their pursuit of their form of truth – we are all one and every aspect of a being must be respected as it makes up the whole of us.