The Zika Outbreak


Report Saesha Nadar

Many Hindu Aaiyyanists in Brazil and South America have been asking the Aaiyyan World Foundation about the Zika virus outbreak: ‘where did it originate from and why is it spreading so rapidly and why is it not affecting people in India’? The Zika virus comes from the Zika forest in Uganda and was first discovered/isolated in 1947 (supposedly by the Rockefeller Foundation which has now patented the virus). The virus causes a fever called Zika fever, which causes a rash, fever, joint pains and illness. The main risk is that there is a link between Zika fever and microcephaly in newborn babies by mother-to-child transmission. Microcephaly affecting embryos causes the brain to stop growing in the womb and thus the baby is born with a small head, intellectual impairment, hearing and vision problems and other symptoms such as seizures, and problems with movement and balance. There have been minor outbreaks of the virus but no pandemics until 2015. In other words, the occurrences of the Zika virus were rare from its discovery in 1947, until just recently. In fact, the outbreak in Brazil has been so large that there have been over 4000 babies born with microcephaly since October.

So what has changed you ask? It is on record that there has been a release of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in the same area as the outbreak. In fact the map of the Zika outbreak maps almost directly with the release of these mosquitoes. The understanding by Aaiyyanists and non-Aaiyyanists scientists is that the GM mosquitoes were bred so that they would produce larvae that died before birth unless they were given antibiotics. However, the scientists did not realise that there is an abundance of antibiotics in the environment due to man’s actions. In other words, the GM larvae that survive (almost 15%) are stronger than before and can carry the a mutant form of the Zika virus that is more resistant to antibodies.

The question is: ‘why were these genetically modified mosquitoes released in the first place’? The official line is that they were released to cull the mosquito population and thus reduce diseases such as Dengue. However, some Aaiyyanists from the Aatmaani school believe that this outbreak is not by accident and the research and financiers that created these mosquitoes are looking to create a bio-weapon that will transmit diseases to depopulate the world – but the Aaiyyan World Foundation and this particular journalist cannot corroborate this story or give it any credence. There is a general consensus that some individuals on this planet would like the world population to be culled to half a billion to re-create the Kalaiyyan event. There are various hints at this from the ancient secret Aaiyyanist inscriptions of Havilian in Tamil Nadu to the more recent Georgia Guide-stones.

Another theory is that the Brazilian government forced all expectant mothers in Brazil to take the Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis/ whooping cough) that has mercury, antibiotics, formaldehyde and other chemicals that could damage a babies development. In the wake of the Zika outbreak over 200,000 soldiers will be spraying chemical insecticides over the region which will also impact pregnant women and babies. So there could be in fact three things that are happening to exasperate the situation: GM mosquitoes carrying a resistant Zika virus, mandatory vaccines with an assortment of harmful chemicals and general insecticide spraying of the environment. The Aaiyyanists know several individuals in the Pharmaceutical and Biochemical industries who are set to make a substantial amount of money from this venture.

So this could be greed, or by general design to try out new methods to depopulate, or an even more spiritually diabolical plan to re-create the Kalaiyyan event. The fact that women are now being told not to have children and the Brazilian government is now looking to relax the rules on family planning is quite telling. As we have mentioned before though, the Aaiyyanists can neither condone nor condemn. However, we do suggest that all Aaiyyanists still get their ‘clean vaccines’ from their relevant Aaiyyanist school’s medical doctor – i.e the vaccines that the members of the high government take; and always detox using the Aaiyyanist methods as prescribed by their School. Also, as stated by many Aaiyyanist scientists: taking three vaccines in one shot is generally a bad idea due to cross interactions between the vaccines. So we must re-iterate that you should always take individual clean vaccines from your Aaiyyanist school. It should also be noted that Indians have a general immunity to the virus due to exposure to similar viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya so have obtained passive immunity to the virus – but that may change if it is suspected to be a genetically modified weaponised virus, so please do not be complacent.

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