The Death of Sri Caitanya Holt

Report Saesha Nadar

Aaiyyanists around the world know that there is something deeply wrong with the state of this planet. There is a deep fragmentation in the spiritual well being of this plane and high level Aaiyyanists have also noticed that Talas (negative dimensions) have been brought closer to this reality by entities from outside this sphere of reality. Other religious denominations such as Christians and Muslims may say that there is some Satanic force amongst us. The Aaiyyanists know that certain Asuras have manifested themselves and taken over various leaders in this world to bring about the Kalaiyyan incident (i.e. orchestrate a mass death event of create a powerful force that is able to open a plane to link Murugan’s incarnation with Brahman by force). Many Hindu Aaiyyanist believe that this is not possible under karmic law, but this is what the enemy believes.

In this regard, it brings us to the death of Caitanya Holt. Sri Caitanya Holt was a deeply spiritual being, following the path of Vishnu, so the facts surrounding his death seems suspicious at best. He was allegedly accused of stealing and then chased by villagers where he was beaten and drowned in a rice field. The Aaiyyan World foundation does not believe that this is what truly happened. Spiritual investigators linked with the SainikaH School informed the Aaiyyan Central Chamber that two possible scenarios may have taken place.

When an individual has entered a high spiritual state without proper Aaiyyanist training – they are susceptible to possession by Bhoots and other lesser beings, however in this case the Aaiyyan World foundation believes that something more serious took place – i.e. Asuric possession: where a ‘demon-being’ displaces the projected soul and influences the superconsciousness to do bad deeds. Some powerful Asuras such as Trishira (the incarnation of Kaitabha) have the ability to enter multiple souls at the same time – so the possession may not just have been of Guru Holt, but of the villagers too.

The question that is perplexing the Aaiyyan World Foundation is: ‘Why was Guru Holt executed?’; and what truth was he seeking. We know that the mainstream media is controlled by a limited group of individuals (and by the very elements that want to harm humanity’s soul), so Aaiyyanist investigators will take to the field to discover the truth behind this incident and report back – if what we find is permitted to be released.

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