Madras High Court Order Ban

Report by Madhuksara Devar

Our Aaiyyanist correspondents have reported some incredibly negative news concerning temples in the Tamil Nadu area. The Madras high court has ordered temple authorities in the Tamil Nadu region to refuse entry to people in western clothes such as jeans, shorts and other garments. The Aaiyyan World Foundation finds this deeply unsettling and sectarian. The idea behind the judicial ban was to “enhance spiritual ambiance”, however most Aaiyyanists agree that this in fact spreading very negative energy into the heart of Tamil Nadu.

It was reported by Aaiyyanists on the ground that hundreds of staff members in the coastal state’s 6,000 temples, were on high alert on Friday for people flouting the ban, which came into force on the 1st January. A superintendent at the Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami temple in Rameswaram district reportly said “We have enforced the court order from today.”

Men will be forced to wear dhoti (a traditional long lower garment), pyjamas with a cloth top or formal shirts and trousers. Women will be forced to wear saris or half saris with a blouse.

High Aaiyyanists and Gurus have linked spiritually across the globe and explored near Lokas and Talas exposed to this plane and have found that this court order is being sponsored by beings that want to destroy the spiritual fabric of the Tamil Nadu region. By creating an atmosphere of “us vs them” and judging someone by their appearance rather than the content of their character – the Aaiyyan World Foundation believes that this law is playing directly into the hands of Ashuric forces that wish to destroy the resonant spiritual harmony that exists between all peoples. There will be a general worldwide meditative prayer set out at the end of February to dissipate the pent up negative energy that will be accumulated during the coming weeks. High Gurus and Aaiyyanis will be informed of the date and rituals personally.

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