Captured Aaiyyanist Fishermen

Report by Darshan Maraikayar

We have some unfortunate breaking news from the Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. We report with great sadness that 29 fishermen from Akkaraipettai were detained by the Sri Lankan navy after they went fishing off the Trincomallee coast. Amongst the fishermen were at least five Aaiyyanist practitioners from the Kaaryakartaa school. This is not the first time this sort of incident has occurred in the last month. Earlier in December, fishing nets from a group of fishermen from Rameswaram were allegedly cut by the Sri Lankan navy when they were fishing near Katchatheevu and four fishermen were taken into custody.

The Indian government has been informed and the Aaiyyan World Foundation are working behind the scenes to secure the release and implement a peaceful resolution to the perceived spiritual angst that exists between Tamils and Sri Lankans, between Hindus and Buddhists and between peoples of different faiths and belief systems.

The Aaiyyanists Hindus from the ancient past have always been welcoming of all other faiths and peoples and realise that we are all one and the same; so perceived differences between us should be discarded and the fishermen should be treated as if they are the fathers, brothers and friends of the Navy. Likewise the Navy should be treated as fathers and brothers also of the fishermen. This is all a minor disagreement that will dissipate in due course. We know there are negative forces at work in this world but the power of positive Aaiyyanism can negate and dissolve the negative energy before it can resonate with this plane.

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