Tamil Nadu Flood Update


Report by Radhakanta Venrar

It is with great sadness that the Aaiyyan World Foundation has to report that the monsoon in the state of Tamil Nadu has already killed around 470 people, among them a few Aaiyyanist practitioners in Chennai, Tiruvallore, and Cuddalore. The high level Aaiyyanists and Gurus of the Aaiyyan world foundation have performed “The Anaian” to recognize the event and aid the souls of the Aaiyyanists and Non-Aaiyyanists to the next level – i.e facilitating the soul to reincarnate or to enter the realm of the Taulyan Loka where the souls can rest until they choose to embark on the next level of spiritual learning that the new life presents them.

In the meantime, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa has urged the central government for aid, for the restoration of both the spiritual and physical. The rains themselves caused extensive damage to crops, livestock, houses and the very fabric of society. No amount of money can compensate this tragedy, but if the collective will of the people around the world meditate on this sorrow and project positive energy into this spiritual arena, then some shift in the alignment of energy can begin to take place, that will eventually transform the affected peoples into something that they had not thought or known possible before. They will be touched by the link between the Gods and humanity and begin to remember who they are and why we are all one.

There have been over 70,000 farmers affected by this tragedy and Sevaa Aaiyyanists have entered the fields to preach, aid and perform pre-Taaruian rituals that should align the earth with the people once more – but only if they heed the warming that the Aaiyyanist Chamber has been foretelling for some time: there is a sickness upon this land stretching back 15,000 years.

Reports of such a large loss of life has also disturbed scholars in the Aaiyyan World Foundation. It is estimated that about 98,000 cattle, poultry, goats and pigs have perished during the monsoon in the last month. This unparalleled loss of spiritual life force has sent shock-waves around the Dravidian world and has deeply affected the High spiritual Healers and Siddhis in Kancheepuram.

It is claimed by followers of Aatmaani that this is a pattern of blood-letting that is engulfing the world in the Dravidian year of 102176 AU (Aaiyyanist Ummaiyan calendar). We know that the same forces that destroyed the ancient Aaiyyanist centres have sprung up once more to architect a new Kalaiyyan incident and thus attempt to link Brahman with Murugan’s incarnation on earth.

In the physical plane of existence the central team of Inter-Ministerial officials, will visit the state again in the next few days and Ms Jayalalithaa promised that physical assistance if the form of monetary compensation will be granted to the people affected by January 11.

We wish them well.

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