The Refugee Crisis

Report by Hardik Raman

The Aaiyyanist Hindu position on the refugee crisis that is affecting Europe and the World is quite simple. The Aaiyyanists believe that in the spiritual world there are no boundaries and borders, and thus that should be the same in the physical world. We believe that the boundaries created by man are tools to control others. The man-made laws that are used to police immigration include checkpoints, identification cards, stop and search and other draconian methods. The history of libertarian Dravidian Aaiyyanists is one of total freedom: both spiritually and physically.

This leads us onto the the issue of the refugee crisis from mainly the Middle East and South America. The Aaiyyanists believe that there is a hidden Asuric agenda by the controllers of this planet to impose a state of tyranny as part of a higher plan to invoke the hidden fragment of Calantaran (as is one of the prescribed actions to invoke Kalaiyyan). One way of achieving this is to invade the lands of others, create a wave of immigration which then allows terrorists and criminal to infiltrate India and the West. Once the terrorist attacks start they will use these actions to remove the liberties and freedom of everyone – in a pure state of perpetual war and terror.

Another method is to create a war not just on religious ideology but on material goods. If you make something illegal you create the black market, the corruption of the police and state, the destruction of the economy and the accumulation of wealth in the hands of criminals who are spiritually closer to Calantaran than they care to imagine. You also turn young people and whole communities into criminals and thus push/nudge them into the realms of the many energy-negative Talic planes. Thus we have a war on drugs, which has resulted in countless refugees fleeing countries like Mexico and South America.

The response by our political leaders is to create more negative energy by declaring such things as building a wall between countries or by not allowing anyone of a certain religion to enter their country. Aaiyyanists in the United States of America have reported that the atmosphere has turned very grim for people of the Islamic faith. The Aaiyyanists believe that anyone should be allowed to practise their faith and find their own truth, so discriminating against someone because they believe in a different truth than yours, simply plays into the hands of our Asuric controllers and enemies.

The War on Terror and the War on Drugs both act to consolidate power into the hands of the Asuric controlled elite and thus allow them to carry out their mission without hindrance. In order to defeat this negativity and prevent Talas coming closer to our plane we must welcome people and love them as our own and never to support wars whose only purpose is to create refugees around the world.

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