A Map Redrawn by a Hidden Rakshasa Force


Report by Madhuksara Devar

Every now and then, there is a news story that is presented to the Aaiyyan World Foundation that we need to question: “Why is this in the news?” and “Who benefits from this news being broadcast?”

The Chinese edition of the state-run tabloid: “Global Times” (which is known for its extreme nationalistic politics) has released an online survey where (supposedly) thousands of internet users participated. The question they asked was: ‘If you can ‘play God’ what countries would you change around China’s borders?’. It was reported that the majority of Chinese would prefer to move away from India, but wanted Pakistan as their neighbour.

There are a few issues that are wrong with this story (that was released officially by the Chinese government last month). Firstly, as most Aaiyyanist know in the border regions with China and inside China: The “Global Times” expresses extreme nationalistic positions compared to the universal worldwide perspective of the average Aaiyyanist. Thus, any poll conducted by such a paper will be skewed to a non universalist position, i.e. it will be disharmonious to the the global consciousness of most Aaiyyanists.

Secondly, the question of why this poll was released and why would our brethren in China prefer to move away from us, is disturbing to most Hindu Aaiyyanists. The Aaiyyan World Foundation believes that there is a concerted effort around the globe to ferment disharmony and to spiritually split us from one another. The fact that it was reported that Chinese would prefer to move closer to Pakistan is bound to anger the mainstream Hindu nationalists and thus create more negativity in the energy of this planet.

It is on record that the Chinese government is a Communist atheist organisation and it is widely known that you must be an atheist to be a member of this party. Aaiyyanists worldwide know that any being that is not spiritually protected can be influenced by Asuras and Rakshasas. We believe that this is what is happening now in China. If you do not believe in something (i.e. the higher force of OM), then you will believe in anything. The forces that are controlling the Chinese press are deliberately fermenting disharmony to sow the seeds of a worldwide conflict where the only losers will be humans and the winners will be the entities that exist outside this plane and their cohorts.

The Aaiyyan World Foundation and the High Chamber of Aaiyyanists will be conducting an Ompukaiyyan (powerful protective ritual) for the Chinese people and its government so that the effect of Asuric control will be mitigated and we can all live in peace. A letter will be sent to High Aaiyyanists to confirm the location, date and time of the Ompukaiyyan.

We must all learn to love unconditionally to become truly at one with all.

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