The Temple Elephants of Thekkampatti


Report Saesha Nadar

I am happy to report some wonderful news from Thekkampatti. On the banks of the Bhavani river near Mettupalayam a rejuvenation camp for temple elephants has been inaugurated.

The Religious and Charitable Endowment Minister Kamaraj was there to open the camp which will house temple elephants for a 48 day session of spiritual rest, meditation and relaxation

Elephants, like humans, are high level beings that have a deep sense of spirituality and meditative energy that permeates their very being. It is very sad that we need to set up these camps to aid our spiritual brethren but under the current circumstances this is the best that humanity can offer at the moment. Aaiyyanist temples do not use animals as a part of our tradition – but we can neither condemn nor condone any actions – such is the will of the Aaiyyanist.

The camp will hold 30 female elephant in a state of spiritual wellness. Their diet (as prescribed by the ancient texts) will consist of pachyderms, banana, ragi and rice with attendance of spiritual aligned mahouts to take care of the elephants needs. The Mahouts (of whom a few are of the Aaiyyanist Aardra school) informed the Aaiyyan World Foundation about this act of kindness, so we thank them for their endeavours.

The youngest elephants include eight year old Sundaravalli from the Kallalagar Temple and Deivanai from Tirupuramkunram, while the oldest spiritual being is 48 years old Abhayambika from Mayilatudhurai. We wish them well on their retreat and journey into the metaphysical and meditative planes.

It should be noted that in the area of bliss that has been created for the elephants, the negative energy of the world still tries of break through into our realm to disrupt the harmony and resonant energy permeated by the kindness of one being to another. Negative Asuras have manifested themselves in the form of a wild male Tusker elephant who appeared at the camp but was scared away by firecrackers. A vigil of enlightened beings in the camp has been set up to prevent more wild elephants, Asurus, Bhoots and other beings coming near and disrupting the positive energy of the camp, officials reported.

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