Human Animal Chimeras


Report Saesha Nadar

It was reported by MIT Technology review that Human-Animal Chimeras are gestating on numerous U.S. Research Farms and the work is being funded by US military grants. A human-animal Chimera is a being that has the DNA of humans mixed in with the DNA of animals to create a human-animal hybrid. These beings are then used to grow human body parts and organs and are disposed of (killed) when they are not needed. Most Aaiyyanists and mainstream Hindus (except the Tantric schools) will be aghast at hearing such news. The idea of fusing man and animal to harvest organs is against everything someone (who holds any concept of spirituality) could believe in. Aaiyyanists believe that all life is sacred, so growing a human chimera and then killing them afterwards to aid another defies Karmic law. It is an incredibly negative practise of whose purpose can only be served to destroy the soul of humanity.

This technology is now being rolled out around the world, including Britain where the Home Office’s Animals in Science Regulation Unit will begin formalising the regulations on this dark practise. In Japan their regulatory body gave permission for Scientists to carry out this type of work in 2013. As many Aaiyanists know, the first question you have to ask is: “Why is this news being presented to us now?”. The answer is simple: Aaiyyanist scientists and investigators can confirm that the controlling elite have already mastered the technology and are slowly revealing the truth to the world so that we all begin to accept this practise as common and acceptable. Most articles in the mainstream media have been very positive about this news – and that very fact is all you need to know about how the agenda will be set in the future.

In fact, it was also reported that the head of the Catholic Church: Pope Francis himself also blessed the creation of Human-Animal Chimeras. This plays into the general narrative that the Aaiyyanists have been saying for hundreds of years. We believe that Asuric forces are influencing and controlling various world leaders in religion, business and politics to serve a greater darker aim. Some schools of Aaiyyanist Hindu thought think that a fragmentation of Atmanic (projected soul) energy that occurs in the creation of human-animal hybrids will create a massive negative energy ripple that will pollute the purity of this Universe and the Atmans (souls) of those who are not protected. One can think of it like splitting an atom to achieve a nuclear explosion, thus splitting the soul can also create a vast explosion of dark Talic energy that can be used to force negative dimensions closer to our plane and essentially defile and contaminate all the positive energy of this world including the human soul.

The Tantric Aaiyyanist Hindus are not against science of this type of research, but many of the other Aaiyyanist schools of thought are. The pure Aaiyyanist can neither condone nor condemn. However, what all Aaiyyanist schools can agree on is how this will be used and for what final purpose will this technology be harnessed. The fact that this research is military funded tells you everything you need to know. We do not believe that this will be used for the betterment of humanity, but for the betterment of the tiny controlled elite that think they run the world but are in fact carrying out the wishes of their outer worldly Rakshasic controllers.