An Alternative Aaiyyanist Model


Report by Madhuksara Devar

It has recently been reported that India has outperformed China in economic growth last year. You are probably wondering ‘if Aaiyyanists live in the spiritual domain, why are we so concerned with the state of the economy?’. This question can be answered simply in that: the Aaiyyanists understand completely how the physical world can affect the spiritual world and vice-versa; and we are somewhat sceptical about such news about ‘economic growth’ when there is so much physical and spiritual suffering in this world and in India especially.

Many Hindu Aaiyyanists believe that the issue lies with the model of India’s government which is mirrored around the world. The world model is either a democratically elected elite, or a non-democratic dictatorship that creates more and more laws to placate and control the people while offering favours to their friends via a form of crony capitalism. This model is spiritually bankrupt and in fact can be considered spiritually negative – or what most enlightened people may call ‘evil’. Here are a few examples of how this model has affected the lives of many.

It was reported by Reuters not so long ago that over 3000 Indian children are dying each day from starvation while food depots and storage facilities remain full of food; which is left to either rot or be eaten by rats. The explanation given for this negligence are several, which include:

* The mismanagement and lack of storage facilities – where grain is left outside, exposed to rain and sun but is still classed as ‘stored’ by the government.

* The inefficient and corrupt public distribution system, where Indian State Governments are reluctant to buy grain for distribution under the food welfare program, as only people who are poor will be able to have access to the grain. Thus, there is no economic incentive as the poor will not pay very much for their food.

* Six years ago the Supreme Court in India urged the government to freely distribute grain to those that are hungry… but it has not happened. In fact, what has happened is that subsided shops have been sent food and other goods from the government but corrupt merchants have then sold off the wares on the open market for a large amount of profit.

Any sensible person would think: ‘Why don’t they just give the surplus grain away to people who are hungry – not to merchants; and only allow a sufficient portion per family rather than giving it in bulk to well placed individuals?’. But the people who control this world are not sensible, or even idiotic. They are malevolent, and once you realise that, all things fit into place.

Another example of how Governments malevolence has harmed humanity is the recent story that: radioactive waste from India’s secret nuclear program has been allowed to pollute the Subarnarekha River in Eastern India with the full knowledge of India’s government. This pollution was only discovered when a distinguished physicist, Professor Dipak Ghosh decided to debunk a rural villager myth that the ‘river was polluted’ and found to his horror that it was! In fact, he found our that the radiation (if ingested) is 1000 times worse than other forms of radiation and 160% higher than the World Health Organisation safety limits. Needless to say, tens of thousands of people have been exposed via drinking this water, and even eating fish and vegetables that are tainted with this radioactive waste. One does not have to iterate that radioactive pollution can cause cancers, birth defects and affect the DNA of the local people for many generations. Naturally, there is currently an official inquiry into this disaster, but of course as such things are – it is behind closed doors and secret.

You must remember though, that this model adopted around the world is no mistake. It is in fact by design; for the tiny elite that perceive to control us are themselves being controlled by malevolent Asuric forces from beyond this plane of reality. Only a fool would think that they have our best interests at heart. You just need to follow what is happening on this planet to see the truth. Governments around the world are funding both sides of every conflict. Hunger and pollution which could so easily be rectified is stifled by bureaucrats too afraid to act in case they lose their pensions, or too lazy to act in the best interests of their fellow man. This bureaucracy has been designed such that only corruption can make things happen quickly or only the elite can have preferential service – as only they know the well placed people at the top of the pyramid of officials.

There are other models of how society should be run. Thus, the Aaiyyanist must remember the ancient Dravidian religious settlements before the Kalaiyyan incident aka 10-15,000 years ago. One type of Aaiyyanst model of society, was traditionally concerned with the freedom and spiritual well being of the individual and valued individual freedoms over all (e.g. from the Aatmaani school). There are other models of Aaiyyanist society but this reporter thinks that the Aatmaani School is relevant for today’s issues, though I am sure many Aaiyyanists from other schools will disagree.

The Aatmaani model was traditionally as follows: for the collective will of the ancient Aaiyyanist settlement a spiritual individual was chosen (at random [Ref 1]) to enact the will of Aaiyyan. So there was no tyranny of democracy where individuals would vie for power to be elected, promising authoritarian rules and dictates. Also, there would be no hereditary autocratic sovereign over the people – dictating how they should act and behave. The random, spiritually chosen individual would follow the will of each Aaiyyanist school and allow people the freedom to live their lives. As the individual being has rights that must be protected at all costs then the issues discussed above (hunger and pollution) would be addressed correctly, e.g. if someone was starving and went to the food depot, the officials inside would distribute the food as the rights of one person override the will of a government edict that forbids distribution. If a river was polluted and harmed a small village, then the rights of the villagers would override the government and their secret nuclear program to create weapons that can destroy this planet many times over.

All we ask of the Aaiyyanists around the world is that we always remember the ‘alternative models’, and not to give into despair.

(1) Note: one of the ways ‘the randomness’ was arranged was by picking a sacred object underneath numerous overturned urns. The individual who was chosen would be a Swami level Aaiyyanist and above. In Aiyyanism there is no caste system so anyone can become a Swami, Guru or Aaiyyani level Aaiyyanist. Aaiyyanism is a vocational practise so you simply need to practise Aaiyyanism to rise up the levels to liberation.